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Transmission or Differential

U-joints and Driveshaft Service

U-joints are often used where a flexible, rotating means of transmitting power is needed. They are inexpensive and durable as long as a few guidelines are followed.

Why and Where Automatic Transmissions Leak

Some of the most common problems with automatic transmissions begin with leaks. Small red fluid spots under a vehicle are one symptom of a problem. Leaks never take care of themselves and normally get worse. Quick attention can help the problem remain small.

Trucks and Towing Capacity

Several times a month, vehicles come in with major damage caused by trying to tow too much weight. Information on towing is plentiful, but often inaccurate and incomplete from a repair standpoint. Surprisingly, most trucks we see will NOT tow their rated capacity without problems.

Automatic Transmission Flush

Many people are being told that flushing their transmission is as good as a proper service. This is simply not the case and here is why.

GM Clunk After Stopping

After coming to a stop it feels like someone hits you from the rear. You turn and look, but no one is there. If you drive a General Motors or other rear wheel drive truck or SUV, you are not alone. A loud clunk after stopping is a frequent complaint on these vehicles. You may have even been told it is normal.  It is not and it can normally be fixed without much expense.

The Color of Automatic Transmission Fluid

The color of automatic transmission fluid can suggest an automatic transmission problem. Using only the color of the fluid as a guide can also be misleading. When transmission problems exist, other symptoms are normally present. We should be cautious of businesses that sell repair based only on the automatic transmission fluid color. Knowing the normal color and looking for other symptoms can help prevent scams.

Transmissions: Repair, Replace or Rebuild

When a transmission fails, there are multiple ways the problem may be addressed. Knowing your options may help you decide which is the best for you and what is the difference.

Rear Axle Bearing Failure

Rear differentials have axle bearings at both wheels. The bearings allow the axle shafts to rotate with little friction. As long as they are properly lubricated, they can last the life of the vehicle. If not they can cost a huge amount to repair.

Automatic Transmission Myths

Not many people would knowingly neglect something that might cost them thousands of dollars. With automatic transmissions there is so much mis-information floating around it is hard to know what to do. Hopefully this short article might shed some light.

Rear Differential Axle Problems

A slight rear differential leak or a slight bearing noise is sometimes tempting to ignore.  A proper repair involves disassembly of the differential and replacement of the worn parts.  Doing nothing is far more expensive.

GM 4X4 Transfer Case Problems

Many times I have recommended original equipment parts as a quality replacement.  While this is still largely applicable, there are times when the original design is inferior.  Fortunately, sometimes the aftermarket comes to the rescue.  The General Motors New Process transfer case is just such an incident.

Differential Axle Seals and Water Damage

The most common failure symptoms in differentials are noise and leakage. While they are often mistaken as the problem, both are more often the symptom of another problem. For instance axle seal leakage often indicates a worn axle shaft, bad axle bearing or a plugged vent tube.

How To Check AutomaticTransmission Fluid

Properly checking the automatic transmission fluid level is not as simple as most people think. Vehicles use different procedures and even getting a correct reading can be tricky. This guide should help get accurate automatic-transmission fluid level readings.

Differential Leaks

Oil leaks in rear differentials are fairly common. They are also sometimes mis-diagnosed and sometimes improperly repaired. The former is annoying and the latter can be extremely expensive.

Automatic Transmission Problems?

Many folks come in for transmission repair, and do not have automatic transmission problems. On modern vehicles, many things that feel like a transmission problem are not.

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