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Pricing or Buying Repair

How Much Is A Rebuilt Transmission?

After driving a long distance we pull off the interstate and stop for fuel. †Resuming our trip, the transmission makes a hard shift and sticks in second gear. †Many fears may come to mind such as, whatís happening, can I make it home and how much is this going to cost?†

Auto Repair Shops are From Mars

Years ago, there was a best-selling book with a similar title. Though we believe we clearly state our wishes, often they do not come across to the auto repair shop. Apparently auto repair shops speak an alien language, or at least do not understand the one people use.

Can You Afford Cheap Tires?

Joe needs a set of tires for his vehicle and naturally he wants the best deal he can get. He shops a bit, but hears so many pitches that he has no idea who to believe. Exhausted, he buys a set that promises the lowest price. A few days later he notices a vibration as he drives . . .

AGCOnomics, Stimulating Your Family's Economy

We hear also sorts of propaganda about buying a new car to stimulate the economy. I believe it is time for a little AGCOnomics, stimulate the economy of our own family. Not by losing 60% of what we pay for a new car, in three years. Learning how to make the vehicle we have last 15 years. With AGCOnomics, we spend the savings on our family, vacation, paying off our mortgage and things we enjoy.

Are Woman Charged More?

Frequently we hear stories of ladies who feel an auto repair shop has overcharged them. No evidence exists to suggest gender bias in pricing, so where do the feelings come from?

Replacing An Engine II

When an engine is no longer serviceable, we have several options for a replacement. Some vehicle makers sell remanufactured engines, for their vehicles. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have remanufacturing programs.

Replacing An Engine I

Engines need replacement for several reasons and engine replacement is always costly. It also brings the question, is the vehicle worth repairing? The answer depends on the circumstances, but several things may help guide the buyer.

Emergency Auto Repairs

What is an emergency auto repair? Any time a personís vehicle is broken is an emergency to them. The only way to deal with emergencies is to prepare in advance, and that is easier than most people realize.

Find A Great Mechanic

People do not need auto repair service sold to them; they need a solution to their problem. Businesses exist that provide both functions. Selection is key to a great experience.

Finding a Great Auto Shop

Auto repair is always high on the list of service complaints. The most frequent complaint is a failure to fix the vehicle. Why has this trend continued for decades? The answer is in the fundamental structure of the business and customers do have power to make changes.

Fixed Right the First Time

Bob and Tom have almost identical cars. Both have high mileage and both have an oil spot on their driveway. They take the cars in for repair. Bob pays $250.00 and Tom pays more than $2000.00. Both oil leaks are fixed, so who got the right job?

Automotive Flat Rate Pricing

With auto repair, the flat rate system, is socialized pricing. This archaic method is remotely similar to the way they bill for health care costs. Rather than eliminating waste, the majority are over billed, to subsidize the inefficiency.

The Costs of Discount Auto Parts

The red brake warning light, on Jimís wifeís car is on.† Saturday morning Jim checks the vehicle and finds the rear-wheel† cylinders are leaking.† A big part store on the corner has the cylinders.† Several hours later, everything is fixed.† Two weeks in the future, the light is back and now the rear brake locks up on application.

Reducing Automobile Insurance Costs

Insurance is a tool, that allows people to assume a necessary risk, by spreading their cost over a wider basis. The costs can be significant, and sometimes minor changes can mean major savings.

Automotive Up-sells, Just Say NO To The List

Up-selling is a common marketing method. With a bargain burger, extra fries and an apple pie are not too big an issue. People can clearly see what they are getting and the price is low, even after the up-sell. Automotive up-sells are a whole different matter.

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