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Anti-lock Braking Systems, The Modulator

When a wheel starts to lock, rotational speed is decreased. The reduction of speed is detected by the wheel speed sensor. This information is interpreted by the electronic brake control module or EBCM. Being an electrical device, the EBCM cannot control the hydraulic brakes, without help.

Anti-lock Braking Systems, Wheel Sensors

Anti-lock braking systems, in one form or another, have been on automobiles since the early 1970s. Today they are on most vehicles, yet there is a great deal of misunderstanding concerning their purpose and operation.

Finding the Causes of a Low Brake Pedal, Part II

A brake pedal that is lower than normal is annoying and dangerous. Finding the cause can be tricky, but is much easier with a logical approach.

Finding the Causes of a Low Brake Pedal, Part I

Pressing the brake pedal should result in stopping the vehicle. The "feel" of the pedal is also important. When a brake pedal starts to travel too far before stopping, there is a problem.

What Happens When Power Steering Fluid Is Put In The Brakes

Several times a year, clients bring vehicles to us with major brake system problems. The symptoms include the brake pedal going to the floor or the wheels locking up. These vehicles had no previous problems and often do not have high mileage. An improper fluid is added to the brake system, and the result is very expensive.

How Do I Change A Bolt-in Wheel Bearing

A hum or roar that increases with the speed of the vehicle is often a bad front wheel bearing. Like most things, the front-wheel bearings have undergone an extensive evolution. Many today are sealed and the only service is a replacement.

How to Diagnose Hydraulic Brake Problems

They use hydraulic force to operate brakes, because it is simple and dependable. When things go wrong, we need a bit of understanding to find solutions..

Brake Fluid and Proper Brake Service

Whether drum or disk brakes the force of stopping is transferred by a liquid brake fluid. Like most automotive fluids, brake fluid has a service life and needs to be replaced. What is confusing is that even experts do not agree on when.

Solving Rear Drum Brake Problems

At a quick glance most rear drum brakes appear very similar. Actually there are two major types in common use. While they appear similar, they operate in different ways. Understanding the differences can help solve mysterious brake problem.

GM Truck and SUV ABS Pump Runs With the Key Turned Off

From 1999 through 2006 GM manufactured millions of sports utility vehicles (SUV) and trucks with Kelsey Hayes anti-lock brake modules. These units have a peculiar fault. When they fail the ABS light comes on and the pump often starts running continuously, even with the key off.

Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS)

Virtually all vehicles built today have anti-lock brakes. Many people still do not understand what they are or what they do. Surprisingly ABS does not make the vehicle stop faster or better.

Brake Shudder, Calipers and Noise, Part II

If the brake caliper slides seize, the inboard pad will apply and the outboard will not. If the slides bind, the outboard pad will not release when the brakes are released. In either case, rapid pad wear and rotor problems will result.

Brake Shudder, Calipers and Noise, Part I

The original vehicle brakes lasted 45,000 miles. Just 5,000 miles after the first "brake job" they are squealing again and now the steering wheel shakes when the brakes are applied.

Lug Nuts, Torque and Keeping Wheels On

The wheel studs and lugs on older vehicles are very basic. Most are 7/16 or half inch diameter and they all work about the same. Modern vehicles use dozens of metric and standard sizes with several thread pitches. They also center the wheel on the vehicle differently and using the wrong application may be dangerous.

Vacuum Brake Boosters

A vacuum brake booster provides power assist to the brake system. As anyone who has experience a booster failure knows, the booster greatly reduces the effort required to stop the vehicle. Brake booster problems misdiagnosed, often set off a series of expensive events.

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