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Tires or Wheel Alignment

Is It Safe To Buy Used Tires

Louisiana and most others States collect a fee to handle disposal of old tires. Tire transporters are paid to collect and dispose of these used tires.  Unfortunately no one verifies that these tires are destroyed.  Instead these often outdated used tires are collected and sometimes resold to the public.  Used tire stores and flea markets may sell dangerously outdated tires with little or no regulation.

Reasons a Vehicle Pulls, Other Than Alignment

A pull to the left or right, when driving, may have many causes. Improper wheel alignment is one, but not the most common. Before requesting a wheel alignment, we can check several things which may be the cause.

Old Tires With Good Tread

Just because the tread depth of a tire looks okay does not mean the tire is still safe. The age of the tire may be an even more important factor. Care must be taken to be certain the tires on a vehicle are not past a safe age. Many experts agree that six-years is the safe life of a tire. Even though the treads may be good the internal construction of the tire could be compromised.

Can You Afford Cheap Tires?

Joe needs a set of tires for his vehicle and naturally he wants the best deal he can get. He shops a bit but hears so many pitches that he has no idea who to believe. Exhausted, he buys a set that promises the lowest price. A few days later he notices a vibration as he drives . . .

Air Suspension, Pneumatics

The pneumatic side of the Ford air suspension is where most problems begin. Understanding the consumable nature of some components can help prevent major expense.

Air Suspension, Controls

Many vehicle manufacturers have tried air suspension over the decades. No one has dominated the category like Ford and Lincoln. The Town Car, Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis models use a rear-wheel air suspension that is legendary. Durability with a great ride is the promise and with a little care these vehicles really deliver.

Buying Shocks & Struts

October brings cooler weather and for some repair shops, a slow down in business. The heat that drives many repairs is going, and sales opportunities with them. Part suppliers also feel the pinch and offer incentives to repair shops that push their products in the fall.

Wheel Locks

When folks see a problem, seeking a solution is natural. Often the remedy is as bad as the malady. Wheel locks may slow a thief, but they also create a new set of responsibilities.

Buying & Caring for Tires

Truly saving money always involves thought. Many things appearing to have a lower price, will cost us much more, when considered over time. This is seldom more true than with tires. A wise choice when purchasing, sets the stage for lowest costs. Caring for the tires after the purchase, really delivers the savings

Why Suspension Joints Break

Automotive suspension component attachment is a critical safety issue.  When failure occurs, the result is catastrophic.  Problems normally result from incorrect service procedures.  Understanding the design is crucial when repairing the suspension.

Why Tires Wear After Alignment II

Vehicles do not always travel in a straight line and wheel alignment must also be correct when turning.  Stopping premature tire wear is not as simple as a wheel alignment.  Dynamic wheel alignment must be considered when diagnosing tire wear.

Why Tires Wear After Alignment I

A new set of premium tires wears out in just 20,000 miles. The wheel alignment shop says everything is okay, but is it? Why would tires continue to wear though the alignment is set?

Reasons For A Poor Ride In Vehicles

In modern vehicles, a smooth comfortable ride is taken for granted. A great deal of technology is involved. When the ride becomes rough, there are reasons and this article may help find them.

The Nitrogen Inflation Fairy Tale

In July 2010, we wrote an article, advising against filling tires with nitrogen. At that time, most of the information available came from the companies promoting the service. Since that time far more sources are questioning the worth of nitrogen inflation.

How To Find The Cause Of A Torque Steer Pull

When a vehicle pulls to one side, many folks think it is time for a wheel alignment. Torque-steer often produces the same symptom, but requires a very different repair.

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