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Louisiana and most others States collect a fee to handle disposal of old tires. Tire transporters are paid to collect and dispose of these used tires.  Unfortunately no one verifies that these tires are destroyed.  Instead these often outdated used tires are collected and sometimes resold to the public.  Used tire stores and flea markets may sell dangerously outdated tires with little or no regulation.

Old outdated tires may be very dangerous

A stack of used tires, for sale in a flea market, is a common sight

The tires in the photo above, are typical of what I have seen.  The tread looks okay to an average buyer.  A closer inspection, reveals a production date more than eleven-years of age.  Many experts state six years are the maximum safe life for a tire.  Installing outdated tires on a vehicle, is very dangerous and is asking for trouble.

Used tires mixed in with cheap off brand tires at a flea market

Another stack showed twelve-year-old tires, some with patches in dangerous areas and other defects.  Legitimate tire dealers may remove tires, because they are no longer safe.  These tires are supposed to be environmentally disposed of.  The tire dealer collects a disposal fee, which they must remit to the State. 

Louisiana collects for disposal of the tires, but are they being disposed of?

Worn out and obviously damaged tires usually make it to the disposal site.  Problems that are less obvious, such as separations, out of round and outdated old-tires, may be sorted out.  These dangerous used tires may go to a used tire store or flea market for resale.

many used tires may be outdated or defective

This used tire store had several very old and otherwise inferior tires for sale.  People may feel they are saving money by purchasing used tires.  Unfortunately, few are aware of how to check the production date or spot other dangerous defects.

Buying used tires is NOT a safe way to save money

Proper tires are one of the most important safety features on a vehicle.  Braking, and control of the vehicle depends on the tire maintaining traction with the road.  A blow out from an old tire can have lethal results to the family in the vehicle and anyone on the road.

AGCO has a policy of destroying discarded tires before they are disposed of.  Drilling a hole in the sidewall, near the bead, may prevent dangerous tires from being sold to an unwary buyer.  Not every tire dealer goes to this extra step.  When buying tires, be sure to ask that the old tires are destroyed.  A loss life or serious injury may be prevented.

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