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Maintenance Misconceptions

Vehicle maintenance can be very confusing. Every day, vehicles end up in junk yards because of a lack of it. At the same time, millions of dollars are wasted every year on useless services or worse, things that actually create problems.

How to Change Your Motor Oil

Changing your own oil is not for everyone. Some folks simply do not enjoy physical work and this is not for them. For those of us that enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from work, I have included many details professionals use, to help do a great job.

How Often Should Oil Be Changed

A great deal is written when it is best to change oil and from many perspectives. Much of what is written appears to slant the facts about oil changes to fit their position and it is difficult to know what is best.

What Causes Fuel Pumps to Fail

Because of precise pressure requirements, modern vehicles normally use electric fuel pumps, located inside the fuel tank. These pumps are complex and can be difficult to access.  This often makes replacement very expensive. Fortunately, fuel pump failure is often preventable.

Winterize Your Car

What does a person from South Louisiana know about preparing a vehicle for cold weather? Life in a warm climate gives a unique perspective that may help those that face cold weather.

When Should I Replace MyTiming Belt?

Many people are confused by a timing belt. Not every engine has one, but those that do require replacement at a specific mileage or time interval. Timing belts offer a number of advantages, such as light weight and precise timing over their lives. The timing belt is also far less affected by lubrication problems than a chain or gear drive. Like any piece of rubber, a timing belt will deteriorate in time. To know if your engine has a timing belt, it is best to refer to the owner's manual or ask to a trusted professional.

AGCOnomics, Stimulating Your Family's Economy

We hear also sorts of propaganda about buying a new car to stimulate the economy. I believe it is time for a little AGCOnomics, stimulate the economy of our own family. Not by losing 60% of what we pay for a new car, in three years. Learning how to make the vehicle we have last 15 years. With AGCOnomics, we spend the savings on our family, vacation, paying off our mortgage and things we enjoy.

Serpentine Belt Tensioners

What do a dead battery, a squealing noise and repeated engine problems all have in common?  The answer is a bad serpentine belt tensioner that may cause each issue. Often the cause of these problems are hard to find.

Auto Awareness 101 Class

Replacing a vehicle is a huge investment, it only makes sense to get the most out of it that we can. Few people really get the full value from their vehicles and the leading cause is improper care. Most people want to care for their vehicles and many think they are doing a good job.

A Vehicle's Life Cycle

With good care, most vehicles will give well more than 200,000 miles of dependable service. A lack of attention kills many at around 130,000 miles. The tipping point seems to occur around 100,000 miles, when it is not too late to reverse a lack of maintenance.

How Do I Know When I Need A Tune Up?

A rough idle and poor fuel mileage means the vehicle needs a tune up. Once, this may have been so, but it is not true anymore. A ‘tune-up’ will not fix these issues on any modern vehicle or show any performance improvement.

The AGCO Service Reminder System

Doing the needed maintenance on a vehicle extends the life and decreases breakdowns. It is not always easy to remember when things need to be done. AGCO has a new service that promises to make this much easier.

How To Kill A Car Quickly

Really like buying new vehicles?  This lighthearted view of half dozen tried and proven methods, is sure to kill a car in short order.

Vehicle Maintenance and Suggested Rip Offs

No one likes having services pushed at them that they feel they do not need. This is often the case when there are no symptoms, and expensive service is suggested. Sometimes this is a total rip off, other times it is wise to listen.

How Long Can A Car Last

New vehicles are extremely expensive. Getting more miles from a current vehicle makes more sense than ever. Many AGCO clients are keeping their vehicles for 200,000 miles and a lot more. It is called agconomics and here is how it works.

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