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Really like buying new vehicles? This lighthearted view of half dozen tried and proven methods, is sure to kill a car in short order.

Neglect and poor maintenance will kill a car quickly 

Cars die in several ways

One definition is, the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle. Another may be when the vehicle cannot go on any further, and the owner decides they do not wish to repair. The largest factor in the life of a vehicle is the care it receives. These six proven methods will help kill a car, quickly.

1. Extend oil change intervals and skip them regularly. Oil is the lifeblood of an engine, neglecting it is a very effective means of killing any car. Oil is not only a lubricant; it is also a cleaner. Every engine produces moisture and liquid byproducts. The oil contains these, to a point. Being liquid, they pass through the oil filter and attack the engine from within. Changing the oil removes these assassins and greatly slows their work. The longer between oil changes the quicker major problems will do the car in. For even faster results, have the oil changed where cheap aftermarket oil filters are installed.

2. Never change engine coolant and when the vehicle overheats, add only water to the radiator. Coolant becomes acidic with use and eats away the metal in the radiator and seal surfaces. Corrosion causes leaks, and causes the vehicle to overheat. This is a sign the end is near, but by adding water rather than the proper coolant, the corrosion protection can be further diluted. This will vastly speed up the inevitable end.

3. Ignore check-engine and warning lights, especially if they come and go. The check-engine light monitors many critical systems. Not every test is run on every drive cycle. This may cause the light to come and go off, and can also help reinforce the notion that addressing it is not important. Ignoring the light can quickly destroy the catalytic converters and run repair cost to several thousand dollars. Ignoring the light is a very effective means of putting a car out of its misery.

4. Never service the automatic transmission or at most, get a transmission flush. A proper transmission service removes debris that restricts the transmission filter. When the filter is blocked, pressure drops and the damage very quickly occurs. Flushing the transmission can further restrict the filter and speeds the process. Automatic transmissions often cost thousands to rebuild and neglecting them is an effective way to finish the life of a car.

5. A run-to-fail maintenance program is a very efficient means of snuffing the life out of any car. Maintenance is a low-cost method of preventing expensive problems. Never do maintenance and only service the vehicle when it no longer runs. This will greatly multiply the size of repair bills, and the car will be finished in short order.

6. Use the cheapest parts, gasoline, tires and batteries that can be found. Cheap parts and tires can cause all sorts of expensive problems and really hasten the death of the vehicle. Discount part stores are good, as they often sell "second line" products. Even better, go to online auction sites or flea markets and get counterfeit parts. This can really finish the car off. Rather than diagnosing the cause of a problem, install inferior parts to address the symptoms. This will vastly inflate cost and show just how expensive cars are to maintain.

Any of these methods will get the job done, but combining them will greatly increase the speed at which they work. Killing cars is not difficult, just asks anyone who follows these methods.

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