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Several times a week, vehicles are towed into AGCO for major repairs. These, are very often vehicles that have been very poorly maintained. Many times I am asked the question, "What caused this to happen?" Upon explaining it was due to lack of maintenance, many people are quite surprised. Often I am told, the vehicle has been serviced somewhere, on a regular bases.

Even though these folks have been charged for servicing the vehicle, many critical components have been neglected. The problem, in my opinion, is the difference in what is considered service from one place to another. In order to make vehicles appear more attractive, vehicle manufacturers have deleted many previous service intervals and greatly extended others. I feel this has more to do with the fact they are in the business of selling NEW vehicles than any concern for the client.

A good example is rear differential fluid, in rear wheel drive vehicles. There are a multitude of trucks and SUV type vehicles driving around with rear axle lubricant that is seriously depleted. Replacing this critical fluid often cost less than $60.00. The fluid protects components that often cost over $2000.00 to repair. T
his fluid should be replace between 50,000 and 100,000 miles under normal driving and more often if towing.

Fuel filters are another overlooked item. Usually under $60.00 to replace, they protect fuel injectors and fuel pumps, that can cost well over $1000.00 to replace. Engine coolant, automatic transmission fluid and even spark plugs are often overlooked, until it is too late. A $6.00 PCV valve can cause an oil leak that can easily cost over $1000.00 to repair.

Like the old commercial,
"Pay me now, or pay me later,"
a lack of maintenance is a very poor gamble. At AGCO we begin with the factory recommended schedule for your vehicle, but we don’t stop there. Each and every item is performed according to the book. From there, AGCO test for other things our experience has taught us should be watched.

Testing pH level and specific gravity on coolant, is far more accurate than replacing coolant based on mileage. The same with brake fluid. By testing and replacing before damage is done, a huge savings may be realized.

A proper
automatic transmission service, removing the pan and replacing the fluid and filter, allows AGCO to prevent problems, rather than waiting for a failure. An adjustment of bands, re-torque of valve body bolts or linkage adjustment may save a transmission failure.

Proper maintenance is an investment in the life of your vehicle. Be sure it is properly performed, take it to AGCO. It
s the place to go.

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