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Doing the needed maintenance on a vehicle extends the life and decreases breakdowns. It is not always easy to remember when things need to be done. AGCO has a new service that promises to make this much easier.

The AGCO service reminder system helps prevent forgeting maintenance 

The AGCO ‘Service Reminders' feature is brand new and will be online July 1, 2012. With this new feature, a registered guest can add reminders and have them sent to their email or cell phone at a future date.

For instance, you can set a reminder for your 2010 Camry and have a reminder text sent every three-months, for an oil change. If you have multiple vehicles, you can create as many reminders as you like. You can also add, edit, delete and make reminders inactive anytime.

Remembering what maintenance needs to be done, and when is very difficult. This is why AGCO recommends an Annual Inspection of the vehicle. With the General Inspection, we check overall maintenance and let you know exactly what needs to be done to keep the vehicle in good condition. Your vehicle gets everything it needs with nothing that it does not.

With AGCO Service Reminders, just set a date, a year in advance, and you receive a reminder. You can also set it to remind you every year. If you prefer to track your own maintenance, you can set a reminder for a transmission service or cooling system service. A notice can be sent for six months or next week, any date you choose.  You can even use it to remind you of your appointment on Friday.

We never send unsolicited email or divulge your email address.

You can easily register on by creating a username and adding your email address. Don’t worry, AGCO will never use your email to send unsolicited products or divulge your email address to anyone. Once registered your email address automatically appear on the Service Reminder form.

If you prefer a text reminder, enter your cell phone number and carrier. Service Reminders will remember your information. If you like, you can add other phone numbers to remind others. For your security, a conformation code is sent when a new number or email is added. Simply enter the code on the form once to establish that you own this number. This keeps others from using your phone number or email. Once you establish this is your number, with the confirmation code, you do not have to enter it again. You can send as many texts to yourself as you like.

A preselected list of messages helps to save typing, or you can enter your own custom message. All messages are sent out at midnight (central time) so you have them first-thing in the morning.

The AGCO Service Reminder system is just another way, for us to make caring for your vehicle easier. Try it, we think you will be very pleased.

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