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The terms "environmentally friendly" and "green" have largely been exploited to the point of making folks feel ill.
Anything can be pushed to the point of absurdity by those that stand to gain. There are serious business applications for energy saving products. Energy equals money and saving energy means saving money.

Business managers today are looking more closely than ever at energy saving devices. Not that they haven’t always been concerned with the environment, simply because it now makes economic sense.

The pay-back on energy technology has come down, largely due to escalating energy cost.

When we double insulated our auto repair shop area heating and cooling cost were significantly decreased.  An added benefit was the clean white insulation also appreciably increased lighting levels, at no additional cost.  Another plus, the area was made substantially more attractive.

AGCO Automotive shop area double-insulation

When we replaced our aging fluorescent lighting with electronic ballast and lower energy bulbs our offices appeared immediately even more attractive. Electronic ballast cut energy consumption and lower noise.  Another benefit is the heat emitted by the old magnetic ballast is eliminated cutting cooling cost.

An added benefit, electronic ballast don’t flicker like old magnetic ballast lamps did

New electronic ballast and low energy bulbs in the AGCO offices

Restroom ventilation fans were replaced with motion activated models. These units cut way back when not in use.  When ever motion is detected they immediately speed up. This consumes less energy and draws out far less air conditioned and heated air. Smaller tank toilets use far less water and work even better than older 3 gallon models.

Energy efficient exhaust fan with motion detector

Older thermostats in the shop bay heating systems were replaced with timers. Timers can be adjusted to the normal cycle time required to heat the shop and cut back automatically.  If needed, they can  be cycled again, with the press of a button. Thermostats were sometimes forgotten on. During the day,they would cycle off and then come on and run at night, when not needed. 

Replacing our old air conditioner systems, with a much higher efficiency units has cut cycle time considerably. The new units are quite, require far less service and cool significantly better than the old units.  Digital thermostats also add to the savings and makes operation easier as well. 

Saving energy can be even more comfortable than less efficient ways. Saving energy makes good business sense as well as dollars

Please also see our AGCO Questions category for more information on AGCO Automotive environment policies

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