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The AGCO Automotive sign 1999 - 2009

Most folks in the Baton Rouge area are familiar with the AGCO Automotive sign. This sign has proudly represented our company since 1999, but was severely damaged in hurricane Gustav. With the severe damage and the aging technology, the decision was made to replace the sign with a more energy efficient design.

Bare aluminum used in AGCO Automotive sign fabrication

Construction of the new sign began several months ago.  Five foot by 20 foot pieces of 1/8 inch thick, aircraft-quality aluminum would become the faces.

Welded sections ready for primer and paint

These large sections were welded together to form the ten foot by twenty foot outer faces of the new sign. Once welding and finishing was complete the aluminum was treated and then coated with epoxy primer.

Priming the aluminum sign faces

The epoxy primer protects the aluminum from corrosion and helps the paint adhere to the metal.

Painting the exterior of the agco automotive sign faces

Once the primer has dried, the surface is sanded and white epoxy is applied as the outer coating. This gives the sign the characteristic white background common to all AGCO logos.

Shells that form the AGCO lettering

The shells of the individual letters are built of aluminum and also painted, inside and out. The inside is reflective white and the outside is AGCO Automotive red (PMS 186.)

LED lighting for the AGCO Automotive sign

Another major innovation of the new sign is the use of extremely long life and low power consuming LED lighting. LED lighting is far more environmentally friendly, using much less electricity to operate. They also eliminate the disposal problems associated with neon bulbs.

LED lighting in main logo section of agco automotive sign

The use of LED lighting is also carried into the main logo section of the sign.

Assembling the letter and logo faces for the AGCO Automotive sign

Lexan is used in the face covers for the letters and logo. Lexan is an extremely durable material, often used in ballistic applications. It is hoped the new sign will be able to withstand the extreme weather that sometimes visits the area.

AGCO Automotive 2009 sign, electrical trial

Here the sign is tested, before adding the final trim and being delivered for installation. Later the reader board will also be replaced with a digital model.  The old sign was been recycled for the metal, electrical and plastics content.

The 2009 AGCO Automotive sign in place before addition of digital reader board

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