Thursday, August 06, 2020 Environmental Policy
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

Protecting the environment need not cost more.  AGCO has found good environmental policy can also save a great deal of cost.

AGCO Environmental Policy

AGCO is committed to environmentally responsible practices

Auto repair, by its very nature is recycling

AGCO Automotive believes, serviceable vehicles should be kept out of "junk piles." This can greatly reduces use of resources and lowers the impact of manufacturing replacements.

"Use it up and throw it away" makes no sense, and benefits no one.  With minimal effort vehicle life can be doubled and often tripled, at much lower cost.

AGCO Automotive is committed to environmental responsibility:

  1. AGCO's policy is to prevent failure, through proper maintenance. Properly maintained vehicles emit far fewer pollutants, breakdown less and cost far less to operate.

  2. AGCO will not modify vehicles in any manner that will defeat the manufacturer's efforts to control emissions. We will recommend measures to restore vehicles to proper operating condition.

  3. Many parts can be successfully rebuilt and put back into use. These include starters, alternators, rack and pinions, C.V. joints and many other components. Where the quality of the rebuilt part can be demonstrated to be as good as or better than the original, AGCO will recommend the rebuilt part.

  4. Automatic transmissions are rebuilt in-house, because we have found we can provide a better product than the original. This prevents future breakdown and replacement impact.

  5. Cheap aftermarket and rebuilt parts often fail prematurely and offer poor service. This increases the impact to the environment and cost. A cheap rebuilt water pump, leaking coolant, is far more environmentally damaging than producing a quality new part. AGCO will use only parts that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications.

  6. Oil and lubricants, drained from vehicles are recycled by AGCO, through quality recycling companies. Used oil is converted to heating oil. Refrigerants are recycled and when needed, properly disposed of.

  7. AGCO will maintain our shop equipment to extend its life and prevent environment problems. Every effort is made to purchase low energy use equipment and keep it operating at peak efficiency. 

  8. AGCO uses environmentally friendly insulation in our facilities to increase lighting efficiency and lower energy consumption.  The AGCO building is situated on its site to take advantage of prevailing air flow and lighting, reducing energy consumption.

  9. AGCO uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Non-chlorinated solvents will be used. Transmission parts and larger components are cleaned using a hot water solution in a recycling "jet wash" type machine.

  10. AGCO will promote environmental responsibility in the auto repair trade, by providing an example and publishing results of our efforts.

By using well thought out methods, AGCO believes we can protect the environment while lowering our client's cost and improving service.