Sunday, July 21, 2024 General Inspection
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

An annual AGCO General Inspection is a very wise investment.  Money invested in proper vehicle maintenance can easily save ten to twenty times the investment.

General Inspection

A leading cause of breakdowns is lack of maintenance. Several vehicles come in each week with expensive problems that might have been prevented. With all the things folks have to remember, vehicle maintenance simply gets overlooked, with expensive consequences.

The AGCO General Inspection can help prevent break downs

Worse, it is hard to know who to believe. Some shops use free inspections to try to sell every sort of "wallet flush" imaginable. Manufacturers say, no maintenance is fine (just buy a new car.) Finding reliable, honest advise has always been tough.

The AGCO Automotive General Inspection is designed precisely for this purpose. We advise bringing your vehicle in, once a year. We can review all maintenance for you, based on what the vehicle needs. Not just visual inspections, but testing. We test coolant for pH and specific gravity to make sure your cooling system is in good shape. We can test the Air Conditioning system for efficiency. We can even check the age of your tires and let you know which filter or fluid needs replacement.

AGCO can even scan your vehicle’s computer system for "pending" codes and things that are nearing their tolerance levels. We will even check the air in your spare tire. Like all our services, you are only billed for the time we spend on your vehicle, usually about an hour. Need reliable transportation, come to AGCO for a general inspection, Once A Year.

Other great times for a General Inspection:

Bringing the vehicle up to date on maintenance

It’s easy to let maintenance go, just overlook things. But we know over time, this is going to create problems for us. The AGCO general inspection can determine the things needed to bring the maintenance up to date and prevent problems.  Just bring the vehicle in once a year.

Before considering a large repair

When a vehicle needs a major repair there is always the question, "Is it worth it?" An AGCO General Inspection helps determine the likelihood of other problems, before investing in major repair.

Before the kids go off to school

A general inspection spots problems, before they become break downsAn AGCO General Inspection helps make sure the vehicle is safe. Correcting small problems, before they get big.  We can also bring maintenance up to date and help prevent breakdowns.

Just a few of the things we check:

Overall lower cost, that’s the AGCO way.