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Wheel alignment is a topic that we often misunderstand. The misinformation from advertising floods the market and this causes much of the confusion. Listed here are a few of the myths concerning wheel alignment and the truth.

False statement about wheel alignmentWheel alignment is maintenance, we should get one every year.

The truth about wheel alignmentWheel alignment is a repair and we only need it when a problem exists. A proper wheel alignment lasts many years and sometimes the life of the vehicle. One major indication of a possible alignment problem is tire wear.


False statement about wheel alignmentHitting a pot hole will knock the alignment out.

The truth about wheel alignmentFor the alignment on most vehicles to change, something has to bend, wear or become damaged. A normal pothole will not knock the alignment out if was properly done. This is why AGCO gives a one-year/12,000-mile warranty. When tire wear or pulling is a repeated problem, they are likely not properly diagnosing the issue.


False statement about wheel alignmentIf the steering wheel shakes the alignment is out.

The truth about wheel alignmentShake or shimmy in the steering is a problem, just not an alignment problem. More likely it is related to worn parts, a bent wheel, an out of round/balance tire or something else that rotates when the vehicle is driven.


False statement about wheel alignmentA new alignment machine means an accurate wheel alignment.

The truth about wheel alignmentA skilled technician can deliver excellent results with the earliest wheel alignment equipment. An unskilled technician will not get a satisfactory outcome with any machine. Just as an expensive new stove will not make an unskilled person a chef, an alignment machine will not create a good alignment.


False statement about wheel alignmentAll cars are supposed to pull to the right.

The truth about wheel alignmentMost roads are sloped slightly towards the side with the drainage. This is often on the right side, but not always. Gravity causes the vehicle to roll down a slope. Skilled technicians allow for road crown to deliver a vehicle that drives straight on the majority of roads.


False statement about wheel alignmentSome vehicles cannot be aligned or brought into specifications.

The truth about wheel alignmentAll vehicles are built within specifications, and will remain unless something changes. Any problem can be diagnosed and corrected by a professional.


False statement about wheel alignmentAll vehicles need a four-wheel alignment.

The truth about wheel alignmentAll wheels should be checked for alignment, but many vehicles will not require an adjustment in the rear. In this case the front is referenced to the rear, providing the same benefit at a lower cost.


False statement about wheel alignmentA vehicle that pulls to one side when driving needs an alignment.

The truth about wheel alignmentMany things cause a vehicle to pull, other than alignment. Low air pressure in a tire, a bad tire, mis-matched tread patterns or wear and many other things. Temporarily crossing front tires from right to left is a good diagnostic procedure. If the vehicle pulls in the opposite direction after moving the tires, the tire problem needs to be addressed before alignment is attempted.


For more information on how AGCO has built it’s reputation for great wheel alignment, see out wheel alignment category. AGCO will set you straight.

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