Thursday, April 15, 2021 Wheel Alignment
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

The signs of an alignment problem are:

1. Tire wear
2. A vehicle pulling to one side
3. A steering wheel off center

Shaking or Shimmy are NOT normally alignment problems.

For much more information please read Wheel Alignment Myths.

Suspension Diagnosis and Repair

We feel most folks could not care less about our “state of the art” equipment and industry affiliations. We think you would rather hear why we can make your vehicle drive straight, handle properly, not wear tires and stay that way. The answer is simple, we know suspensions and we use superior methods.

Four wheel high-definition camera type alignment equipment Modern equipment is wonderful, and AGCO has the best equipment anywhere. 

Great equipment alone cannot produce a superior alignment, without a trained and caring technician. Just as Ernest Hemingway’s typewriter would not make a person without writing skills a great author.  Nor might it help a person who did not care to do better.

AGCO knows, to produce great results, we must have great people. We must retain them and they have to enjoy their work. AGCO is a true leader in this field.  We start with ultra clean surroundings, an air conditioned, climate-controlled shop, a salary-based work force and liberal time off.  Among other things this helps us attract and retain our technicians, who are the best.  Simple, well trained, caring people, properly equipped and given the time to do their best for you.

Not only that, our in-house calibration facilities allow our alignment personnel to insure their equipment is accurate. Nothing is more damaging to morale than asking a highly skilled technician to use equipment that is not accurate. Accurate equipment produces better alignments that last longer.

AGCO Automotive when average is not good enough Accuracy is so important to us that we used to build our own tire pressure gauges. We found commercially available gauges are not accurate and did not repeat. In 2009, we learned about a gauge, built in England. We obtained one of their top models and put it through rigorous testing. In every test it performed as well as or better than our gauges, built with test grade instruments. We were so impressed, we purchased several for use in our shop.  We also use a certified calibration facility, to verify their accuracy.

Lastly we do not rush our people, we allow them to work with your vehicle until they are satisfied they have done the best job possible. This is because we know it is always less expensive to do it right the first time.

We believe great people, treated well, given the equipment, training and time to do a great job produces the results we desire. This is how we have built our reputation since 1974. Call (225) 291-6900 to schedule an appointment and let us show you why AGCO is the place to go.