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Buying Vehicles

How to Choose the Right New Vehicle

New vehicles are available in a greater variety than ever. Countless options and features separate the different models. Some features please folks looking for them, and aggravate others who are not. Too many choices can be worse than not enough and deciding is harder than ever.

Preparing for Coming Tough Times

People see things in different ways, but most agree turbulent times are ahead.  It is not likely the situation will improve under the current government policies.  People are not helpless, and changes can improve our situation vastly.

Buying A Vehicle - Used

The best value in a used vehicle, is three to a five-years-old.  Maximum depreciation has reduced the cost and even with minimum maintenance, these vehicles are still in very good shape.  More years mean a lower price, but also more potential problems, if maintenance is not current.

Buying A Vehicle - New

Buying a vehicle is a big decision and a gamble.  New or used, risks are still a part of the equation.  Many current vehicles have inherent problems, from poor design, excessive complexity and low-quality components.  Often, a well inspected, used-vehicle is far less problematic.

How To Kill A Car Quickly

Really like buying new vehicles?  This lighthearted view of half dozen tried and proven methods, is sure to kill a car in short order.

Buying A Vehicle With A Salvage Title

Many people think that once a vehicle is declared a total-loss, that is the end of it. This is far from the truth. In many cases, seriously wrecked vehicles are repaired and sold to the public.

How Long Can A Car Last

New vehicles are extremely expensive. Getting more miles from a current vehicle makes more sense than ever. Many AGCO clients are keeping their vehicles for 200,000 miles and a lot more. It is called agconomics and here is how it works.

How to Diagnose And Correct Odors In A Vehicle

With vehicle odors, the symptom is not hard to identify. Finding the source and eliminating the problem is more difficult, but this guide may make it a lot easier.

How To Spot Symptoms, Before A Breakdown

Many times folks come in with major problems, that might had been avoided, if caught sooner. Not noticing the symptoms are the number one reason such problems go unnoticed. A quite drive and these tips may help prevent this from happening.

Should I Lease A Car?

Not many people consider renting a car for years on end. Leasing a vehicle is the same thing, except we are obligated until the end of the lease. Financial experts like Dave Ramsey call them a fleece and not without good reason.

Getting Warranty Service

Most folks are unfamiliar with the new vehicle warranty process. What is covered by the warranty, what is a recall, what is a TSB and a policy adjustment? Knowing these answers can save frustration, as well as dollars.

Should I Buy A New or Used Vehicle

Tom and Bob were best friends. They had known one another since grade school and now were graduating from college. Neither had a lot of money at this time, and both needed transportation.

Repair or Buy Another Vehicle

Estimates suggest people spend 18% of their total home budget on transportation cost. Inevitably the decision comes up, should I keep my vehicle or buy another?

The Cost of Modern Vehicle Technology

More and more automakers are turning to hi-tech gadgets to lure buyers. Almost no thought is given to cost/benefit. More than ever car buyers need to be extremely wary. High tech can easily turn into high cost, quicker than you might imagine.

Trucks and Towing Capacity

Several times a month, vehicles come in with major damage caused by trying to tow too much weight. Information on towing is plentiful, but often inaccurate and incomplete from a repair standpoint. Surprisingly, most trucks we see will NOT tow their rated capacity without problems.

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