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Oil, Gas or Lubricants

Ethanol Fuel, Good or Bad?

The idea of ethanol, as a motor fuel, is not new. Henry Ford’s 1896 Quadicycle ran on grain alcohol or ethanol. Early Model T Fords run on ethanol, gasoline or a blend. The U.S. Army even produced and used ethanol as a fuel, in the 1940's. Because of the overwhelming advantages that pure gasoline offers, ethanol virtually disappeared, until recently.

How Vacuum EVAP Systems Work

Evaporative emission systems perform a few simple functions.  Venting the fuel tank when needed and disposing of the fumes are the primary purposes.  They use an incredible amount of complexity to address these tasks, largely due to Government regulation.  This leads to many check engine lights, perhaps more  than any other system on the vehicle.

Oil Change Intervals

Oil change intervals are one of the most disputed topics in the automotive field.  Recommendations from 3,000 up to 20,000 miles are common.  Mileage recommendations, without regard for long-term results, are irresponsible.  Driving conditions and not mileage, determine oil change needs.

How to Test a GM Fuel Pump

The truck cranks over but will not start.  On General Motors vehicles a bad fuel pump is common and often the first guess.  Sometime it is the cause, other times not.  It’s an expensive mistake to guess wrong.  These tips will greatly increase the odds of being right.

Why The Gas Nozzle Keeps Clicking Off

The gasoline nozzle cuts off when the fuel tank is full, and this prevents overfilling. This can also become a very annoying cycle, when the nozzle continues to click off, several times in the process. Finding the causes are easier with a little understanding of the system.

Why Does My Engine Use Oil

Engine oil is the lifeblood of an engine. Run out of oil, for just a few seconds, and the engine will be destroyed. With extended oil changes, oil loss is on the increase and not checking the oil level may lead to major problems.

Do I Need An Auxiliary Automatic Transmission Cooler?

Most folks would like to extend the life of their vehicle and many people consider an auxiliary automatic transmission cooler. Sometimes an auxiliary transmission cooler offers benefits. Vendors, eager to make a sales, often overstate what a transmission coolers can do. Unless we properly install the cooler, it may do more harm than good.

Should You Use Stop Leak

Vehicle fluids, such as engine oil, automatic transmission fluid and even power steering fluid are highly specialized. Engineers take a multitude of factors into account when specifying these fluids. Damage can be done by using the incompatible fluids or by using stop-leak additives.

What Are The Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Filter, In-line and In-tank

Fuel filters clean fuel and help protect fuel injectors. Good maintenance has always dictated replacing fuel filters at regular intervals. Today they are disappearing from maintenance schedules and the under side of vehicles.

How to Check Fuel Mileage

If a vehicle has an in-dash fuel mileage indicator, manually verifying the readings can be a surprise. Accurately calculating fuel mileage is very easy and can be revealing.

Driving Tips for Better Fuel Mileage

Gasoline prices are again on the rise. When fuel prices rise, looking for ways to save is natural. Not always considered, but the driver has control of the largest savings in fuel cost and it cost almost nothing.

What is Torque Converter Shudder

Driving about 45 MPH there is a sudden shudder in the vehicle. It almost feels like running over a rough spot in the road or a cattle guard. As quick as it appeared, it is gone, until the next time it occurs.

Engine Thermostats, Fuel Mileage and Over Heating

Most folks realize an engine thermostat can cause a vehicle to overheat. Did you know thermostats are also one of the leading causes of poor fuel milage?

Replacing Power Steering Fluid The Easy Way

Virtually all modern vehicles have power steering and the majority are still hydraulic. These systems are reliable and easy to keep that way with a few simple tips.

GM dexos oil, New Standard or Shakedown?

General Motors vehicles built in 2011 and later, required the use of dexos™ licensed engine oil. Many people are thoroughly confused. Is dexos™ a great new oil or just a GM shakedown?

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