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AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

To learn why you DON't want to extend your oil changes, see our Detailed Topic, The Sad Truth.

All About Maintenance

agco vehicle maintenance prevents repairs and saves moneyAGCO is interested in helping you to lower your overall cost of driving.  One of our methods is professional maintenance.  We hope this guide will help remove some of the mystery about automotive maintenance.  Please scroll down and click on each link for more complete definitions and recommendations.


Maintenance is service performed and parts replaced to greatly reduce the odds of more expensive components failing. For instance coolant is replaced in the hope of preventing corrosion damage to radiators, heater cores and engines. The cost of the coolant replacement is a fraction of the cost of the repairs it can prevent.

Normal Service as defined by most manufacturers is more properly ideal service.  For example longer trips at highway speed with little stop and go driving.  Under these conditions the normal service schedule is okay.

Severe service as defined by most manufacturers is more likely the service most folks operate under.  For instance, ANY of the following would be considered severe service.

  1. Most daily trips are less than five miles one way.
  2. Most driving is stop and go.
  3. High temperatures, above 90' F.
  4. Towing

If ANY of these conditions describes your use, it is better to follow the severe service schedule.

Maintenance Schedules

Items aside from oil changes that often require maintenance, with their general intervals.

You must also be careful as many things presented as maintenance are not. See our Detailed Topic Maintenance Misconceptions for more information. 

The easiest way to keep all maintenance up to date is with an AGCO Annual inspection.  Just bring the vehicle in, once a year, and AGCO will track all of your maintenance needs for you.

There is also considerably more detail on many of these items in the individual sections, under Search Questions.