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Oil, Gas or Lubricants

The Sad Truth (about extended oil changes)

Several times a week vehicles come into the shop with major problems. Rear main seals, valve guide seals and valve covers leaking are very common. Inevitably, when the engine is examined it is clear the oil has not been changed often enough. The seals are now very hard and brittle and the engine has several leaks. More unfortunate, this may only be the beginning. 

When Do I need a Transmission Service?

An automatic transmission is one of the most expensive components on a vehicle so protecting it where possible only makes sense.  While this should be simple misinformation is everywhere and knowing at which mileage to service an automatic transmission can be difficult.

A Serious Issue

Vehicle manufacturers make very specific recommendations for their transmission designs. Failure to use the proper automatic transmission fluid can result in transmission shifting and other problems.

Wasting Money and NOT Saving Gas

They have been around almost as long as cars; those devices claiming to increase fuel mileage . . .

Saving Gasoline, Saving Money

How to stretch more miles per gallon from your present vehicle, without spending a lot of money . . .

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