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Before founding AGCO, in 1974, the fundamentals were being worked out. Three primary aims of the company would be,

1.) Fixed right the first time

2.) At the price quoted

3.) Delivered on time

AGCO provides on-time and on-price delivery of properly repaired vehicles

Projecting a completion time when repairing a vehicle is not as simple as it might seem. Countless variable come into play and the more vehicles processed, the more difficult the task. To deliver on time, the vehicle, part vendors, technical people, tooling, equipment, information and work area must all be coordinated.

To project an accurate time for the repair, the full extent and exact nature of the problem has to be known. This is one reason AGCO insists on diagnosing every vehicle, before work is begun and before prices are quoted. Expert diagnosis reveals hidden surprises that prevent on-time or on-price delivery.

There is nothing more devastating to scheduling than improper diagnosis. For instance allowing time and ordering parts for a repair, only to find an unforeseen problem is involved. This is extremely expensive. Work must stop, parts have to be returned, other parts must be ordered and the technician cannot complete the work they have started.

Ultimately increased costs are passed to clients, as higher prices. An efficient shop makes a fair profit at a reasonable cost. Retaining the best employees are key and the sign of a well run operation

The AGCO exclusive computerized scheduling systemAccurate scheduling is also mandatory. For instance, to deliver the vehicle when promised, technicians must be available to perform the work. AGCO uses a custom written, proprietary software package. Also required is an absolute commitment to doing what is promised.

Reserving an appointment means turning other people down, once all time is filled. If the client is unable to keep the appointment, the reserved time may be wasted, adding cost. Pre-writing all invoices and stressing the importance of keeping the appointment helps a great deal.

With the vehicle properly diagnosed and parts delivery confirmed AGCO gives a delivery time. How well does it work? We deliver on, or ahead of times 99.8% of the time. AGCO, it’s the place to go!

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