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With some things recognizing quality is relatively easy. The look, the feel, you can just see the quality. With other things, like auto service, it is a lot more difficult.
For instance, how can quality be judged, before a service has been purchased

This is of particular interest to me, as AGCO prides itself on offering some of the highest quality automotive service available anywhere. How can a potential client recognize this? After all, anyone might make a similar claim. While judging quality before hand is difficult, it can be done. I think it is a matter of looking for the factors that produce quality:

  • Reputation
  • Testimonials and referrals
  • Superior methods

Credibility is a function of how long a business has been in business, combined with an excellent reputation. Both are fairly easy to check. Asking friends, business associates and yes, the competition can tell you an awful lot. There are really only two pertinent questions to ask. Are these folks honest and are they technically competent? If the business is honest, the price will be fair and you will only be sold what you need. If they are technically competent, they can provide the service you need in a quality manner.

Testimonials equal, who else says so. Past performance is the best indicator of future performance.  The same might be said for referrals.

Superior methods are a bit trickier to check, but the evidence will be there. Little thing, designed to prevent problems. For instance, a shop that stocks original equipment filters for your vehicle.

AGCO stocks OEM oil filters for all models we service

Little things, like climate controlled storage areas for fluids used in your vehicle. Fluids stored at moderate temperatures and humidity will contain less contaminates and moisture. Cleaner, dryer fluids give better results.

Climate controlled and desiccant filtered fluid storage area

The use of desiccant filters on the air intake of fluids. When fluids are drained from storage containers, air must be drawn in to take its place. If the air is clean and dry, so will the fluids remain.

Desiccant air intake filter to keep fluids clean and dry

Refineries go to great lengths to provide very clean products. They package expensive synthetic oil in steel drums and seal them. A drum left open to the atmosphere and heat can negate all of this care in short order.

Desiccant air intake filter to keep oil clean and dry

Even the storage of gaskets and filters will have an impact on the quality of the repairs made with them. Storing gaskets and filters in dust proof cabinets is a superior method that you wont find everywhere.

Transmission gasket storage keeps gaskets staight and clean

These are just a very few of the methods AGCO uses to help insure you get a quality job. This site is loaded with other examples. Quality, it’s always less expensive over time. That’s overall lowest cost and the AGCO way of life.

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