Monday, September 25, 2023 Detailed Auto Topics
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The AGCO Automotive “Just Say No,” campaign seems to be working very well. Our intention is to help folks avoid the all too common “up-sells” often targeted toward the unsuspecting. We suggest if you suspect you are being approached with an automotive “up-sell,” JUST SAY NO AND CALL AGCO.

It often works like this: A low price oil change, tire rotation or even a bargain price on tires may be used to lure the client in. The client is then informed they need all sorts of additional repair. Often it is suggested the repair needed is “on special” or “can be done right now.” These may be tip offs, particularly if no symptoms were present. JUST SAY NO AND CALL AGCO.

Favorite “up-sells” include:

1.) Struts and shocks

2.) Fuel injection flush

3.) Engine flush

4.) Transmission flush

5.) Brake repair

It is not uncommon for AGCO Automotive to inspect the vehicle and find little or nothing wrong. This after the client was advised by another shop, that hundreds of dollars in repairs were needed. Worse, often the parts suggested by some of these places may not be as good as the original equipment parts removed.

We have seen recommendations to replace a fine set of original equipment Lexus struts, in excellent condition, with a cheap set of aftermarket struts. Don’t be taken in, JUST SAY NO AND CALL AGCO.

We can inspect the vehicle and if you actually need repair, AGCO Automotive can perform a professional installation using top quality original equipment parts. The parts made for your vehicle, not just something that fits. Remember, JUST SAY NO AND CALL AGCO.

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