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We perform quite a few pre-purchase inspections on vehicles clients intend to buy. I am often surprised at the number of really poor vehicles that are brought in and the amount they are listed for. Vehicles are NOT inexpensive. New cars easily cost $25,000 to $35,000. Finding a good used vehicle for under $15,000 is also pretty tough.

This may be why we see so many folks are electing to make expensive repairs to their current vehicles. For instance, it is quite common for people to spend $3,000 to rebuild an automatic transmission. The vehicle is in otherwise good condition. They know this, because they drive it everyday. Replacing the transmission is a great deal less than a new vehicle, and much less risky than a used vehicle.

Should you repair your car or buy another?

Knowing the history of, and how our vehicles have been maintained, make them far more valuable to us than they might be on the market. I have often heard, this vehicle is only worth $X. Is that really so? Since we need transportation, isn’t the vehicle that can provide it really worth what it will take to replace it?

Best is always to avoid major problems with great maintenance. Sometimes major repairs still occur. When they do, we must consider the overall condition of the vehicle, and the cost of replacement. Often the wise choice is to repair a current vehicle rather than replace it. For help calculating repair verses replacement cost, see our replacement cost calculator.  Whether you need maintenance, minor or major repair, AGCO, it's the place to go!

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