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AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

Vehicle manufacturers make very specific recommendations for their transmission designs. Failure to use the proper fluid can result in transmission and shifting problems.

At AGCO we replace fluid with the fluid the manufacturer recommends. You might be surprised that not all shops do this. Many use†generic fluids even though the manufacturer specifies otherwise.

Be sure you are getting the proper fluid, AGCO, it's the place to go!

Automatic Transmission Repair and Service

Automatic TransmissionAutomatic transmission†repair†is a very specialized field. Best results are usually achieved by a specialist. In the past, most of this work was done by specialty automatic transmission repair shops. Unfortunately if other problems existed, or if the repair expanded beyond their specialty, the vehicle often had to†be moved to another shop at the client's expense. AGCO has†solved both problems with our concept of "in-house specialists" within our full service facility.

For example, AGCO employee Josh Wilson is an automatic transmission specialist. Josh has many years experience doing just that. Our transmission department is an automatic transmission specialist, within a full service shop. The advantage is, if other problems exist, one of our other specialists†is available.

We can handle your automatic transmission concerns. From fluid and filter replacement to overhaul and even replacing the entire unit if necessary, AGCO is equipped to handle it. The AGCO advantage is our specialist can often spot future problems and correct them before major repairs become necessary. This can save you thousands of dollars.

A good example is a proper transmission service. Removing the pan allows us to torque valve body bolts and where applicable adjust the bands. We also adjust linkage, check for leaks and check sensor values. An additional step is to disassemble the old filter. This allows us to check for metal particles that might indicate a future problem. When finished we refill the unit with the exact replacement fluid and test drive the vehicle.

A few of the automatic transmission fluids stocked by AGCO

An AGCO professional service can help prevent major problems, and isn't that why service is performed? Compare this to a transmission flush advocated by many shops. The pan is not removed, the filter is not replaced and often a†generic type of†fluid is substituted.

Let our professionals show you the advantage of our "in-house specialists within our full service facility" approach. AGCO, itís the place to go.

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