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More and more, people are finding out the hard way about going too long between oil changes. The cost is staggering, otherwise good vehicles going to scrap yards. Vehicles that might have given twice as many years of service.

An [otherwise] very nice Ford came into the shop recently. A loud clattering noise from the front of the engine had the owner concerned. The timing chain had worn to the point that it was striking the timing cover. When the valve cover was removed, the condition of the engine was apparent.

Valve cover sludge after extended oil changes

This vehicle had around 100,000 miles on it. It is not at all unusual, to see the same engine go 200,000 miles, when properly cared for. With less than half the possible miles, this engine is no longer practical to repair.

Sludge in valve cover from extended oil changes

Sludge had built up so heavily it blocked lubrication to the upper end and timing chain. Extended oil change intervals had cut the vehicle life in half. Good news for the new car salesman, bad news for the owner.

Oil sludge in cylinder head from extended oil changes

By avoiding timely oil changes, the driver virtually doubled their cost of driving. Extended oil changes, don’t buy it. They cost way too high.

Camshaft gear and timing chain worn in sludged up engine

Change oil based on driving conditions

Short trips (under ten miles) change every 3,000 miles

Stop and go driving, change every 3,000 miles

Use a premium oil and oil filter

Think Overall Lowest Cost

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