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Traditions can be good things, when they help people and allow for better service. They can also be very bad when they stand in the way of improvement. Many traditions exist merely because they are blindly followed without questioning, is there a better way? Traditional auto repair shop layout is a good example. Many shops have bay doors across the front with client parking off somewhere on the side.

Instead of the traditional “doors in front,” AGCO decided to turn the shop around

Client service and parking are in front and the bay doors are in the back, where we feel they should be. This solves several potential problems.

Front View of AGCO Automotive Building

Rear view of AGCO Service area

With a clearly marked entrance facing abundant parking, clients are not confused as to where to enter. With the conventional design, people often drive up for service and find no clearly marked parking. The apparent place to park is in front of a bay door and the obvious entry point is through the bay door.

Now the client must walk through a maze of shop equipment to try to find someone to assist them. Worse, vehicles backing out and pulling into the service bays can present a safety hazard. Not so at AGCO. Parking is plentiful, clearly marked and entering the front door, places the client precisely where they need to be to receive service.

This also helps with organization, keeping vehicles being serviced on one side and those coming in for service on the other. So why aren’t more shops built this way? Simple, tradition. Tradition says, bay doors should be on the front and shops continue to be built this way without ever questioning is there a better way.

As AGCO clients can attest, we never allow tradition to stand in the way of client service. Instead we try to view the repair process from the client’s perspective. This may start when the client enters the parking lot, but it certainly doesn’t end there. This is just one more way AGCO has turned the auto repair shop around, for others please continue reading. AGCO, it’s the place to go.

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