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When AGCO closes their doors for the Memorial Day break, there will still be a great deal of activity in the shop.  We will take this opportunity to kick off our next major remodel of our facility.  This will start with a repaint of the entire shop area, including the epoxy floors.  Years of HARD use have left their mark.  We have also moved several pieces of equipment and replaced all of our shop lifts.  This is a "before" photo of the old floor, after year of hard use.  We will soon post "after" photos of the completed new floors.

Shop floor after years of use

We have installed all new, Rotary brand 10,000 pound lifts.  This will help stage us for the coming decade of growth and use.  Being a continual improvement company, we have also moved some equipment to increase our work flow.  With our new layout, new lifts and a fresh coat of paint, the shop will be ready to produce at full capacity.  The bright white floors will not only look great, they cut energy cost by substantially improving lighting.  This high illumination level makes precise work much easier and helps prevent problems.  For instance, finding a dropped bolt is quite easy on a bright white floor.

Toledo Floors of Mount Clemens, Michigan has been hired to coat the floors.  This company has a great product and has graciously agreed to work twenty-four hours a day, from close of business Thursday, through Monday.  The floor will be ready for use on Tuesday morning, May 26th, when we reopen.

AGCO will also replace all base boards and trim.  Shop and office lighting is being replaced with new more efficient electronic ballast fixtures.  This will conserve energy and help lower our utility cost.  This will be followed by a complete repaint of the offices and shop cabinetry as well as new floors in our client waiting area.  Constant improvement is a way of life at AGCO.  We thing you will like the changes too. 

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