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Up-selling is a common marketing method. With a bargain burger, extra fries and an apple pie are not too big an issue. People can clearly see what they are getting and the price is low, even after the up-sell. Automotive up-sells are a whole different matter.

With commodities, like the burger, folks can readily see what they are getting. When the same approach is represented as needed services, the up-sell takes on a more sinister nature. Most people want their vehicles to last, and count on advice from professionals to help them take care of things. The problem is, many service advisors are simply commissioned sales people. Their interest may be more in a fat commission-check than helping the client.

Low car-sales and extended maintenance requirements have decreased customers in many dealership service departments

Warranty work only pays a fraction of customer-paid jobs and does not make much of a profit. The oil change special game is making a real comeback at some dealerships.

A long list of up-sells is likely not in the client's interest

When the customer comes in for the low-price oil change, they may be given a long-list of services. These lists often suggest thousands of dollars in work.

Some favorite automotive up-sells include:

  Flushes of all types,


  Rack and pinion leaks,

  Motor mounts

  and oil leaks.

This is all low-skilled work, requiring no diagnostic ability and is often not needed, in our experience.

Many people have refused the work and come to us for a second opinion. Usually, very little, if any of the work on the list is needed. For instance, brakes with half the pad remaining are referred to as worn. Technically, they do have some wear, but they also have a lot of material remaining. Incomplete information makes it seem as though doing it now is critical.

It is not known how many people fall for these gimmicks. Some may even trade-in a good car, thinking it is in need of major repair. In either case, the dealership may profit very well, perhaps why these plans are so popular?  One reason these schemes are so popular is because they work.  Another tactic is to provide the list, when folks come in for recalls or maybe just regular service.

If there are no symptoms, be very suspicious of recommended services. Furthermore, be very wary of any service with the word "flush" in the name. Fuel injection flushes, transmission flushes, etc. are often only expensive "wallet flushes."  Take the cheap oil change, but when you get the list, just say no, and call AGCO. AGCO will set you straight.

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