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I am often asked why I recommend only Michelin tires. Those that know me also know that I do not recommend them because I sell them. On the contrary, I sell them because I know the quality they represent.

Most people realize that lower quality tires do not ride as well or last as long. They may even reason, with the price savings they can justify the lack of performance. What many do not realized is one reason low quality tires ride badly is that they are often not round. Bad tires often have a condition known as radial run-out. Sort of like an egg shape rather than a perfect circle.

If poor ride and faster wear were the only problem, that would be bad enough. Much worse, is the side we see as suspension specialist. The constant vibration from out of round tires reeks havoc on suspension components.

The vehicle’s suspension tries to absorb the vibration, as it is designed to do. This can very quickly destroy components. Leaking rack and pinion, worn ball joints, shocks, struts and even wheel bearing damage can occur. Hundreds or even over a thousand dollars in damage can be done by an out of round set of tires.

When the overall cost is looked at cheap tires are just too expensive. Save $200.00 on tires and do $800.00 damage to the vehicle. Go with the best and you will never be sorry. Great tires, properly mounted and balanced, AGCO and Michelin, a winning team.

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