Tuesday, June 02, 2020 Differential
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

Rear differentials require different types of lubricants.† Some may use 75W90 others 75W140 and so on.† Many also require special additives, such as limited slip.† Be certain to avoid problems by using only the proper lubricant.


Most folks never consider rear differential service until one of two things occurs; A leak or a noise. Both problems are actually symptoms and many times both could be prevented. The AGCO†philosophy is to prevent expensive breakdowns, rather than only treating them after they occur.

broken differential ring gear caused by bearing wear

AGCO can service the rear differential in your vehicle, checking seals, the vent and replacing the lubricant. We have found rear differential fluid, like all lubricants, breaks down over time. As lubricants lose their ability to protect, damage occurs. We use Mobil One fully synthetic lubricants to protect your investment.

Much†damage also occurs because of damaged and missing vent hoses. All differentials build pressure when operated. This pressure is vented to prevent damage to seals. The vent is normally connected to a rubber hose, preventing water from entering the differential when driving in the rain. Over time these hoses crack and often come off. This allows water to emulsify the lubricant and quickly destroys the differential.

An AGCO differential service can prevent this and many other problems.† Spotting a dry-rotted vent†hose and replacing it may be a small thing, but it can prevent a huge problem.

New gears and bearings in differential.

Even when a problem occurs, such as a whining noise on acceleration, quick action can drastically contain cost. We can often replace bearings and seals, restoring the differential to original condition. Left un-repaired, the bad bearing quickly degrades to a ring and pinion replacement, which is far more expensive.

Whether a fluid change, leak or total rebuild, let the specialist at AGCO prevent rear differential problems. AGCO, itís the place to go!