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Having a professional check a used vehicle is always wise before we purchase. A reasonable fear is, "Is this a wrecked vehicle?" This is always a concern. A poorly repaired wrecked vehicle can have many hidden problems. Fortunately, spotting the telltale signs of poor repair work is easy.

We list some common signs of a wrecked vehicle here, with examples. A prospective buyer can often use this guide to rule out vehicles, and save the cost of checking further. With clear indications of a problem, paying for a professional inspection is unnecessary. In these cases, finding a better vehicle is a more sound strategy.

An undamaged vehicle

Proper hood and fender alignment on an undamaged vehicle.

With an undamaged or properly repaired vehicle, the body panels all fit nicely. The hood should be in alignment with the fenders and the body cracks should be even around the hood.

An improper repair

 Hood and fender misalignment.  

The fender does not match the alignment of the hood and the panels do not end at the same spot. This misalignment suggests more serious problems, such as a bent unibody structure. Avoiding vehicles with signs like these, saves many future problems.

Under hood information labels

Undamaged vehicle has hood labels in place.

Manufacturers provide valuable information about the vehicle with labels. They place these information labels under the hood. Law requires these labels and they should always be in place. A good repair shop will always replace any labels damaged in an accident.

Missing information labels

Missing under hood information labels 

A repair shop that leaves the information labels off is likely a shop that does not repair the vehicle properly. Missing labels suggests more pressing problems.

Missing bolts and fasteners

Missing fastener are another sign of shoddy workmanship

Fasteners and bolts, omitted in previous repair, are a very bad sign. Leaving these important parts out of a repair shows a lack of concern for quality. This disregard of proper methods may lead to other far more serious omissions and errors.

Other obvious signs of poor workmanship

Signs of poor workmanship and likely problems

An undamaged vehicle

Poorly repaired vehicles often have underbody damage that requires a professional inspection. That is why we should inspect any vehicle before buying. Just call AGCO. We can greatly reduce the risk of buying a used vehicle. AGCO, it's the place to go!

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