Sunday, July 21, 2024 Best Tire Pressure Gauge
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Tire Pressure Gauge

Possibly the Worlds Finest Tire Inflation Gauge 

Our testing is complete and we could not be happier with the new PCL Accura 1 tire pressure gauge. Over the years we have tested a great many commercially available tire pressure gauges. Most were not accurate enough or did not repeat their readings accurately. Finally we decided to build our own air pressure gauges, using test quality instruments. These worked great, but were difficult to build and fragile.

The answer for our search was finally found in the PCL Air Technology, Accura 1 digital tire pressure gauge. These gauges are manufactured in Sheffield, England and in our opinion are the most accurate tire pressure gauges in the world. They both check and with the squeeze of a trigger, inflate and if needed deflate tires. We have replaced our entire stock of original gauges with these fine tools and could not be happier.

PCL Tire Pressure Gauge Features.

Technical Data Summary



9.84 inches (250 mm)


4.33 inches (110 mm)


0.77 pounds (0.35 kg)


Temperature Range



-4'F to 140'F (20'C to 60'C)


-22'F to 176'F (-30'C to 80'C)

Humidity Range:

Up to 95% RH non-condensing


Voltage Nominal:

3.0 Volts


2.6 Volts when LO


3.6 Volts


1 x replaceable 3V coin cell Lithium type battery CR2450

Battery Life:

In normal working environment over 950 hours

Pressure Measurement  

 US model:

Reads in PSI Pounds Per Square Inch


Exceeds EC Directive 86/217

Reading Accuracy:


Max inlet Pressure:


Inflation Range:

0 to 174PSI

Inflation Speed 

Inflation Flow:

206 Gallons/Min @ 188 PSI

Operational Specifications  

Low battery warning - "LO" appears on the screen

 Overpressure warning - display shows "---"
 Auto-start with LCD check on every "wake up"
 During inflation and deflation software only allows "0.00"
 until "true" pressure is reached

60" flexible hose and clip-on tire chuck included