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Many vehicle owners spend time and money maintaining their vehicle. They often overlook a car cover in the process, but we should not ignore their benefits.

UV rays fade paint

A car cover offers many benefits. Manufacturers build them to protect a vehicle. Using a car cover protects your vehicle’s finish from scratches and minor dents. They make a variety of car covers for indoor use, outdoor use or both. Covering your car with a car cover, offers better protection compared to other mediums such as a tarp or blanket.

What materials are car covers made of?

The material used to make a car cover varies depending on its purpose and usage. Indoor covers are extremely different from all-weather, outdoor car covers. EmpireCovers are quality manufacturers of car-covers and they use these materials in the construction of their car-covers:

DuPont Tyvek

Layers of protection

Tyvek is an extremely durable, lightweight material. It is 100% made in America. This material is an all-weather premium fabric designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is UV resistant so it can stand up to the hot sun. No mold or mildew will grow on your vehicle because DuPont Tyvek is breathable and 100% waterproof. If you have ever renovated a house, you may notice they use Tyvek for insulation.


Polypropylene is another all-weather fabric used for indoor and outdoor car covers. Better manufacturers ultrasonically weld the layers of the fabric together to ensure the best protection. A car cover made from polypropylene has a 100% waterproof membrane, and is breathable to prevent mold and mildew growth. This material is UV resistant and uses a non abrasive fleece inner lining.

Fleece fabric

For indoor use, a car cover may use a soft fleece fabric. This fabric has a silky, smooth sheen outer layer and prevents dust and other indoor elements from touching the vehicle. It is a thick fabric with a soft fleece like interior to protect your vehicle’s body and paint.

Noting that all quality car-covers come with a full elastic hem to stay secure is important. For additional security, a built-in buckle and strap system or Gust Guards can be added.

The difference between waterproof and water resistant covers

Water proof fabric beads water

This is a big misunderstanding in the car cover industry. Many covers that they label "waterproof" are only water resistant. Water-resistant car-covers say they stop water from entering your vehicle. They may trap condensation between the cover and your vehicle, causing mold and mildew growth. They scientifically design waterproof car-covers to block rain from entering yet allowing condensation to evaporate.

How to buy a car cover

Decide the protection you need

The process of buying a car cover is easier than you think. To decide what type of car cover is best for you, consider what elements you want to protect your vehicle from. If you live where it is always sunny, you want to protect against UV rays. In Louisiana, you might want to protect against rain and in Pennsylvania, you may want to protect against all of the elements.

You can shop for the right car cover size by the year, make and model of your vehicle. A size selector is handy if you are not sure of the exact details of your vehicle. For your vehicle’s protection, knowing the specific conditions you need to protect the vehicle from is vital, before making a purchase.

After entering the information above, you will be presented with a variety of vehicles covers sized to fit your vehicle. EmpireCovers offers a five star rating system for covers so you’re able to see their strengths. Simply select the cover that has the highest ratings for protection against the elements to which you expose your vehicle. For the best advice, seek help from The Cover Experts.

How are car-covers a theft deterrent?

Typically, thieves choose cars that are easily accessible. They also look inside the vehicle for valuables. A car cover prevents thieves from seeing what is inside the vehicle. While car-covers are easy to take off, a thief does not want to attract attention so he cannot throw the cover on the ground because that would look suspicious. Adding a cable and lock kit is another way to deter thieves.

Do custom covers protect a car better than semi-custom car covers?

No. Semi-custom car-covers last longer than custom car covers. They make a custom car-cover for a specific make, model, and a year of vehicle. Consequently, they are expensive for consumers. They make semi-custom covers to fit a variety of similar sized vehicles. They provide excellent protection for a fraction of the cost of custom covers.

Mirror pockets are another distinction between custom and semi-custom vehicle covers. While mirror pockets may be ascetically pleasing, they cause the cover to deteriorate faster. When we apply the custom cover to the car, specifically to the mirror pockets, the material and seams are put under stress from tugging and pulling. This causes the seams to loosen and the cover hangs on the mirror pockets. When one part of the car begins to weaken, we have compromised the overall protection of the car cover. This is why the warranties on semi-custom covers are often longer than custom covers.

Can you put a car cover on a dirty car?

Never put a car cover on a dirty car. Car-covers have inner linings that they make to protect against elements like dirt and dust. This debris is often grainy, which scratches the vehicle’s surface. For best results, only apply the cover to your car after washing and drying it.

Article content courtesy of Empire Covers

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