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Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, nor did he discover the use of mass production. Instead, he combined the technologies of the day. Henry Ford provided affordable transportation for the common man and changed the world forever.

affordable personal transportion, changed the world

The Ford Model T represented far more than just an automobile. It represented opportunity, mobility and it was affordable. Folks that had never traveled more than twenty-miles from the place of their birth, could now see the country. This may have been the beginning of the great American road trip.

There are few things I relish as much as taking a road trip with my wife. Sometimes it's just a long weekend or perhaps several days. We love to hop in the car and go. This requires no real plan, just seeing the sights, and discovering the past. No doubt the interstate system has made this far quicker and easier. Much slower, but there is also a certain nostalgia that is hard to match, traveling on the old US highways.

Highway US-11 is one of my favorites. Stretching from New Orleans to just below the Canadian border, the sights are hard to match. The old US highways are far less crowded these days, as people opt for the speed of the interstate.

local diners are hard to find

The remnants of many small businesses stand in ruins, bypassed and forgotten by a faster lifestyle. Diners, tourist courts and gas stations, now closed forever. Looking at the remains, I can imagine travelers stopping for a burger or the daily special.

small gas stations with full service are a thing of the past

These tiny enterprises provided jobs for the local people, who spent their income in their communities. Driving up to the gas station triggered a bell. The attendant rushed out, pumped your gas, cleaned your windshield and checked your oil.

Mom and Pop tourist courts are hard to find

Major hotel chains had not taken over, and small operations were more the rule than the exception. Perhaps the husband and wife operated the front office, and local kids cleaned the rooms? Not glamorous, just a good place to stay and maybe to return to the next time through.

Most people would not return to the days before cell phones, the internet and interstate highways. It is fun to reminisce and see the sights. Next vacation, why not plan a great American road trip of your own? Hop off the interstate and see the sights while they’re still around.  You may discover a lot of fun and a bit of the past.

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