Thursday, April 15, 2021 Electrical
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

A modern alternator is NOT designed to be a battery charger.  Rather it is designed to keep a good battery from discharging and replaces the charge used in normal service.  A battery that wont hold a charge can ruin an otherwise good alternator.

Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

There are few things, on your vehicle that can cause more problems than electrical systems

AGCO is equipped and trained to fix your electrical problems

We can repair anything from a dead battery to a short-circuit and even transient current problem. AGCO is trained and equipped to handle it. As with all our service, repair starts with a proper diagnosis of the problem.

All our service including electrical diagnosis is billed by the actual working time.  This means you pay only for the time the technician spends working on your vehicle. If we isolate your problem in fifteen-minutes that is what you are charged, not some “flat rate” off a menu board.

Once diagnosed we not only provide you with the cost of repair we also guarantee that our repair will resolve the problem. Just a few of the electrical problems we can solve include:

And much, much more. If it is an automotive electrical problem, chances are AGCO can solve it.