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AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

How ABS helps maintain steering

ABS is an extremely useful function, but contains many very expensive components.

An ABS hydraulic control unit can cost thousands to replaceHaving us test your fluid and replace it before it becomes contaminated can save you thousands of dollars in repair.

Brake Repair and Service

Pushing caliper piston in without expelling contaminated fluidBrake service has changed drastically over the years. Many service practices that were acceptable a few years ago, may actually do extensive damage to a modern braking system. For instance, many shops still squeeze the pistons back into the brake calipers when replacing brake pads.

On today’s vehicles, installing a set of brake pads improperly, may result in very expensive problems. The brake caliper is the lowest spot in the system and most debris and contaminants in the fluid tends to collect there. When caliper pistons are improperly pushed in, to install the brake pads, trash can be forced into your anti-lock brake system (ABS) controller or master cylinder, causing problems. This is why AGCO thoroughly purges the system before brake work is begun. This helps eliminate moisture, trash and dirt from the system.  It also keeps it out of expensive hydraulic components. With this simple change of procedure, many problems are avoided.

brake fluid testing refractometerWhy doesn't everyone follow this simple step?  Some simply have never given it any thought.  They continue to do brake repair, just as they did years ago.  In the past, brake components were simple and inexpensive.  This is not so of components today.  Improper service can cause major problems.  These problems sometimes show up months later, causing the client major expense. 

AGCO can test your braking system to detect potential problems, before they occur. For example, we use a refractometer to test the boiling point of your brake fluid.   Boiling point is closely related to water content and by testing, we can advise a change of fluid before serious corrosion occurs.

Calipers can be tested for hydraulic pressure and clamping force. At AGCO, every technician is “the quality department.” We test rather than guess to help eliminate expensive rework and premature failures.

Surface testing deviceBrake rotors can be tested for lateral run out, parallelism of the faces, surface finish in micro inches and even Rockwell hardness to ensure they will give good service.

Another major cause of brake problems is the use of brake pads that do not meet the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. Many shops use these pads to reduce the PRICE of the brake service. At AGCO, we realize the PRICE is not as important as the actual COST to our client. We work very hard to provide the overall lowest COST.

A cheap set of brake pads may reduce the price of the brake service by $50.00 or so. The resulting squeak, dust, and shudder on braking, may result in not only their having to be replaced, but more extensive replacement of the rotors. Now that $50.00 savings has turned into a $400.00 expense. Our philosophy is to do it right the first time and eliminate the aggravation and expensive rework.

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