Thursday, August 06, 2020 Pick Up and Drop Off
Pick Up and Drop Off Options

Front door key slot for early bird or after hours drop offAGCO has several provisions for "early bird" or after hours pick up and drop off of vehicles. In our front door is a mail slot or key drop. This can be helpful when dropping off a vehicle before hours. Since AGCO pre-writes appointments, you only need to attach your name.

If you did not make an appointment, please also provide your phone number(s) and the things you would like us to check on your vehicle.  You can also drop your vehicle off the evening before it is to be worked on.  If you like, you can also pick up the following day or at your convenience.

AGCO can accept PayPay or most major credit cardsFor after hours pick up, a lot of folks like to pay by credit card, over the phone. We can email, fax or leave your receipt in the vehicle. If you have another set of keys we can lock your keys in the vehicle and you can pick up at your convenience or you can pick up the keys later, if you prefer.  Out of town clients can also pay by PayPal if they prefer.  This can be useful when paying for repairs for college students.

Some of our regular clients also leave a set of keys with us.  This way they can drop off whenever they like and we can simply leave the vehicle locked out front when finished.

At AGCO, our job is to make your vehicle repair as convenient as possible.