Thursday, April 15, 2021 Employee Handbook
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

Did you know AGCO Automotive founder Louis Altazan†studied for several years†with Dr. W. Edwards Deming. The AGCO management philosophy is based on Dr. Deming's 14-points and his theory of continual improvement.

AGCO Automotive Employee Handbook


The AGCO Automotive employee handbook

Exactly what does this mean, are there no rules? Of course not, it means we hire great people†and expect them to act in that manner. We have a clear vision of what we think auto repair should be. That vision is shared with everyone in the company, and each day we work toward achieving that aim.

For example, everyone on staff knows the day begins at 7:00 AM. They also know clients will be there and waiting at this time. There is no need for a rule to be there on time. We think thatís silly and no one has been late for work in as long as I can recall. The same goes with any other unnecessary rules that get in the way of people serving clients. Responsible people, acting responsibly, itís in everyoneís best interest.