Thursday, April 15, 2021 AGCO Marketing
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

Many shops will offer to check your vehicle for free.  Considering the shop is only paid if they find something wrong, a FREE inspection is simply too expensive.  Just Say NO and call AGCO.

AGCO Marketing

AGCO’s approach to marketing is very simple. We provide information about automotive service. Our thought is, we want folks to know as much as possible. We believe, given all of the facts people will choose us, if we are the right service provider for them. We can hope for no more.

This approach is known as institutional marketing; This is us, this is what we can do, here’s how we do it and here are the results. This is in stark contrast to manipulative marketing. AGCO finds manipulative marketing to be very distasteful. Hollow promises, with no results. For example, unsolicited emails and come-ons that promise something for nothing. People are smart enough to know that nothing is ever free. The cost of free or low price come-ons is always hidden somewhere.

We always appreciate your business and ask that you let us show you how we can provide overall lowest cost. No come-ons, no free offers, just straight forward, high quality auto repair at a fair price. We think you’ll like the difference.

Good information allows people to make good decisions