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AGCO Automotive Vehicle Questions
AGCO (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does AGCO ever run sales or specials?

    The entire philosophy of AGCO is overall lowest cost, everyday. Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected and the overall lowest cost option is always suggested. This may or may not be the lowest priced service. Rather than price the experts at AGCO provide you with the lowest cost. In this way you trust AGCO to take care of your needs everyday.
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  2. Does AGCO offer free vehicle inspections?

    I think most people realize, there truly is nothing free. AGCO charges for the actual time we work on the vehicle, never more. A fair price for a professional and honest diagnosis.

    Free inspections are based on the premise of getting people in the door. The cost of the inspection is then added back to the price of the work. We feel this is less than honest and encourages overselling. For instance, I would not wish to go to someone that only gets paid if they find something wrong.

    A far more complete explanation can be found at How much is a diagnosis.

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  3. How can I find an answer to a specific vehicle question on

    The Vehicle Questions Category is designed just for that purpose. You can find a Tutorial on using the search function here or you can send an email with your question.
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  4. How does AGCO price it’s work?

    AGCO charges for the actual time the technician works on your vehicle. While this may sound like common sense, it is very unusual in the automotive business. Most shops charge based on a flat-rate guide. The guide give a time to perform a service, and that time is billed without regard to the time spent.

    For example if the book says a task should take three hours, and the technician does it in two, the client is still billed for three. Some claim this is their reward for being efficient, but I feel over-billing is unjustifiable. Others say sometimes the job takes longer than book time and it balances out. I feel if that were the case why not just bill actual time?

    In my opinion the system rewards rushing through the job and penalizes spending time to insure quality. The old adage, “That which is rewarded gets done,” may help to explain the general state of the auto repair business which so many find unacceptable.

    A far more complete explanation can be found at Actual time billing.

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  5. I am a non-smoker, and do not want anyone to smoke in my vehicle.

    AGCO is a totally non-smoking facility. No smoking is allowed in the shop, client's vehicles or in the office areas. This presents no problem for our staff as we are all non-smokers as well.
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  6. I notice AGCO works by appointment, can I also drop off my vehicle without an appointment?

    Absolutely, you can drop off a vehicle at any time. We make appointments for the day and guarantee your vehicle will be worked on the day of the appointment. We do this by turning down other clients for a specific day once we reach capacity for that day. This is very popular and for that reason appointments are often taken up a week in advance.

    If you do not necessarily have to have the vehicle looked at on the day you drop it, we can work it in between appointments. This may take a few days but is often a lot sooner. If we get ahead of schedule or someone cancels an appointment any vehicles left with us are put into the first available spot.

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  7. My automatic transmission needs service, does AGCO do transmission service?

    YES! AGCO is equipped to service your automatic transmission properly. We replace the fluid with the factory specified type and where possible replace the filter. We never flush transmissions through the cooler lines or take short cuts that might damage your transmission.

    A far more complete explanation can be found at Transmission Service.

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  8. What are your hours of operation?

    AGCO is open

    Monday through Thursday
    from 7:00 AM till 5:30 PM
    and Friday from 7:00 AM till Noon.

    AGCO also observes most State, Local and National Holidays, see Holidays for a listing.

    A far more complete explanation can be found at Hours of operation.

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  9. What breed of dog is Foxy, the AGCO greeter?

    Foxy is a one of a kind pure bred, the first of the species [Mutt]

    Her email address is Foxy

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  10. What date was AGCO founded?

    The official date is December 20, 1974, though the concepts and philosophies that would become AGCO were being worked on quite a bit earlier. A bad experience while working in another auto service facility prompted founder Louis Altazan to visualize a service facility quite different than any he could find.

    Over the years the concepts have been refined but never altered. The basis will always be; fixed right the first time, delivered on time and at the price quoted. Coupled with extremely high quality service, we feel this will provide overall lowest cost of vehicle ownership which is our hallmark.

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  11. What does the name AGCO stand for?

    AGCO = Altazan Garage Company. Founded by Louis Altazan in 1974.
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  12. What is overall lowest cost?

    Overall lowest cost is a concept of considering factors other than just price, such as collateral expenses and how long the product or service last. The concept is widely used by professional purchasing agents to lower the cost of their clients. Many people make decisions based only on price and suffer much higher cost as a result.

    An example might be cheap paint. The price is five dollars less a gallon, but it requires twice as much as better paint to get the same coverage. Four gallons are needed to do the job of two of the better brand. After a few years the cheap paint fades and peels. The better product give years of good service, looks better, is easier to clean and thus is much less expensive, overall.

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  13. What is your phone number and why is AGCO not listed in the Yellow Pages?

    Our phone number is (225) 291-6900.

    AGCO chose several years ago to discontinue advertising in the Yellow Pages. While we constantly seek new clients, we feel our first priority is to provide the best service possible to our present clients.

    We have a large Bold face listing in the white pages under AGCO Automotive Corporation.

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  14. When does AGCO close for vacation?

    All AGCO employees have three weeks paid vacation and we all take vacation as a team. The first week is in the Summer and is selected by common agreement of all employees.

    The second week is always Thanksgiving week, from the Monday preceding the Holiday until the Friday following it.

    The final week is always the week between Christmas and New Years.

    A far more complete explanation can be found at AGCO Vacation.

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  15. Which credit cards does AGCO accept?

    We accept:

    American Express

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  16. Which Holidays does AGCO observe?

    We feel allowing our personnel, time off to be with their families is a very important part of our total quality concept. For this reason AGCO observes all major holidays and some local ones as well. Please call for details (225) 291-6900.

    A far more complete explanation as well as an interactive calendar showing hours, holidays and vacation can be found at AGCO Holidays.

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  17. Why does AGCO close at Noon on Friday?

    We have found that by allowing our staff time off to spend with their families, they are far more efficient and accurate in their work. Our four and a half day work week makes us attractive as an employer and allows us to retain our people and attract the best technicians. This is one reason for the extremely low turnover rate enjoyed by AGCO. Isn't it nice seeing the same faces year after year, when you need automotive service?
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  18. Why does AGCO not quote prices on the phone?

    One of the largest complaints against the auto repair trade is a lack of trust. Largely this stems from being quoted a price and then being charged another, usually much higher price. There are many places that use this tactic on a regular basis. The fact is, without knowing what is wrong with the vehicle there is no way to quote a price.

    Instead, AGCO will perform a professional inspection, an accurate diagnosis and then give you an exact price, before any other work is done. The best part is we charge only for the actual time we spend checking the vehicle. No guess work, no deceitful practices, no surprises, just a great job, right the first time and at a fair price.

    A far more complete explanation can be found at Prices on the phone.

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