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Most people find power windows very convenient, until they break. Power window repair is one of the most common services at AGCO Automotive. This is partially due to very lightweight power window designs from vehicle manufacturers. The gears and steel lifting mechanisms of the past are rare today. Most vehicles now use light stamped metal regulators with plastic rollers.

Built in power window problems 

Modern power window regulators are very lightweight

When we press the switch, the power window motor turns a small plastic spool. This spool feeds a thin wire cable that attaches to the window. The cable feeds up when the motor rotates in one direction and feeds down when the switch reverses motor rotation. Eventually the cable, spools or a guide breaks. This leaves the owner with a window stuck in the up position or worse stuck down.

Tips to extend power window life 

A car owner can do little about poor design, but with a few tips we can greatly extend the life of our power windows. 

When we use the power window, we should release the switch when the glass reaches the full up or down position. If we continue to hold the switch, the motor will vastly increase strain on the components. If we continue to hold the switch, when in the full up or down position, we will shorten the life of the motor and window regulator.

cleaning the window tracks prevent power window problems

The window glass needs to move in the guide tracks with no resistance. Any sticky substance on the glass or window guides increases the load on the mechanisms. Cleaning the glass and the window tracks greatly reduces the load on the window motor and regulator.

Wiping the guide channels is helpful and spraying them with a light coat of a dry silicon-spray helps prevent problems. This reduces the strain on the window regulator and motor and will extend their lives.

If your power windows give trouble, remember AGCO, it's the place to go.

For more information on power window diagnosis, please see our articles, "Diagnosing power window problems" and "Power window repair."


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