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New vehicles are extremely expensive.  Getting more miles from a current vehicle makes more sense than ever.  Many AGCO clients are keeping their vehicles for 200,000 miles and a lot more.  It is called AGCOnomics and here is how it works.

Extending vehicle life is largely a matter of care    

Bill Mauldin’s cartoon strikes a cord with many folks.  Eventually there comes a time when even the best vehicle has to be replaced.  Unfortunately, many vehicles reach this point far sooner than need be.  The key to a long and low cost life is in preventing problems, rather than just repairing things that break. 

An annual general inspection will point out maintenance needs and allow problems to be headed off

Older cars, like older people require better maintenance

Automobiles are like human beings.  Better maintenance results in longer life and greatly reduces expenses later.  Newer cars, like young people, tolerate poor treatment far better than older models.  Extended oil changes, cheap parts, not replacing engine coolant or servicing the transmission may seem to have little affect at first.  As a vehicle or a person gets older, they each require better care. 

By mid-life or 100,000 miles, problems start showing

Engine oil leaks, transmission failure, overheating and big repairs soon follow.  Vehicle replacement is the answer to many people, who never realize they are getting less than half the service they may have received.

Lack of vehicle maintenance is like throwing money down the drain

Recently, a Honda with 110,000 miles was towed into the shop.  The vehicle had stopped running, but had many other problems as well.

A lack of maintenance had resulted in a vehicle “not economically feasible to repair” (NEFR)

Lack of care had allowed several major problems to occur. The owner was surprised to learn the vehicle was in such poor shape and had not realized maintenance was so important. This Accord was scrapped, and replaced at a considerable expense.

Nearly 200,000 miles and still running like new, with great vehicle maintenance

At the same time, an identical make and model was in for maintenance.  This one had more than 193,000 miles on the odometer and is well maintained.  It has been in for yearly inspections since it was purchased.  This time it was in for the second timing belt replacement

Inside well maintaned Honda engine with nearly 200,000 miles

Removing the valve cover revealed a spotless engine.  The car is in great condition and will likely see another 100,000 miles, with minimum problems.  Driver one is spending around $30,000 for a replacement, driver two about $1,000 on prevention.  If nothing changes, this cycle will likely repeat.

Vehicle maintenance is not mandatory and there is no gauge to warn the driver

The primary reason for vehicle maintenance is that it cost a lot less than the problems it prevents.  AGCOnomics say, “Reduce cost by preventing rather than just repairing problems.”  A general inspection, once a year will normally do the trick.  AGCO, it’s the way to go!

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