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We receive several comments a month on the white shirts worn by our technicians

Many ask, “Isn’t it difficult to keep a white shirt clean in an automotive shop?” Technically it is no harder to keep a white shirt clean than any other color shirt. The point is well taken however. White shirts show dirt more than dark color shirts. This is why many shops wear dark colored work uniforms.

We feel the white shirt is not a problem, it merely reveals a problem. The problem is a dirty environment and working practices. A clean environment is conducive with high quality work, high morale and helps prevent errors. By wearing dark colored work clothing, the problem is merely hidden rather than being solved.

At AGCO we would prefer to solve problems rather than hide them. Technicians wear disposable surgical type gloves to keep their hands clean. We keep the shop area very clean with no old parts lying around. Each work area has built in storage, work benches have stainless steel tops and yes, our floors are white also.  White improves visibility and lighting.  Anything dropped on the floor is immediately obvious.

View of white floor in auto repair area of agco automotive

In our opinion, white shirts and white floors are not a problem, they simply help reveal a problem. A problem AGCO would rather solve than cover up. We think you will agree, AGCO, is the place to go.

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