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Why does AGCO Automotive close at noon on Friday

Clients often ask the reason AGCO closes at noon on Friday. The reasons involve our commitment to providing the best service possible. To provide the level of service our clients desire, we need the best technicians. We know the best people tend to go and stay where they are well paid and well treated.

Working four full days and half a day on Friday allows our staff more time with their families. Several have designated Friday afternoon as family time. We feel this is one reason AGCO enjoys almost zero-turnover in our staff. Trained people means AGCO can fix your vehicle right the first time, at the price quoted and deliver on time.

Monday through Thursday, we come to work a bit earlier and leave a bit later, This adds the benefit of missing a lot of traffic and helping with congestion in the area. At AGCO we realize business has a market side and a social side. Looking out for our employees means our staff looks out for our clients. Great people, great results, AGCO, it’s the place to go.

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