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The debate of advantages for diesel over gasoline light trucks is an old and ongoing one. There are pros and cons to both and basically, the decision to purchase one over the other comes down to expected use.
Three diesel engines dominate the US light truck market.
  1. Cummins - used in Chrysler products

  2. Duramax - used in General Motors products

  3. Power Stroke - used in Ford products

Is a diesel truck better than a gasoline truck

There are different versions and engine displacements in each of these offerings. This article is not intended as a technical piece on diesels. Instead I hope offer information to help in the decision process.

Diesels are NOT inherently better than gasoline vehicles. The two are different technologies, each having a place. Just as a pickup truck is not better than an economy car. If a person is a contractor, a pickup truck may be a logical choice. If a person is a student and needs basic transportation the economy car is more reasonable. The same with diesel and gasoline engines.

Diesels are designed for heavy pulling power and longevity. Pulling a 12,000 pound trailer across the country is where they shine. They last much longer, up to 350,000 miles between overhauls. They also get better fuel economy, as their design is more efficient and diesel fuel contains more oil per gallon than gasoline.

The downside to diesels is, they are much more expensive to purchase and to repair. The engine can last twice as long as a gasoline engine, but it can also cost twice as much to replace.

It is doubtful a diesel can save enough to offset these additional cost
From a savings perspective I think it is a toss-up. Rather diesels pull better than gasoline engines, so if towing is the primary concern, a diesel may be the right choice. If not, a gasoline engine will likely be a better choice.

Since diesels last a very long time, buying a used truck may make more sense. This removes much of the high initial cost penalty, conserving most of the advantages. Buying a high mileage, three-year old diesel truck may offer a great truck at a reasonable price.  Years are far more damaging than miles on used vehicles.

Just keep in mind the rest of the vehicle is much the same as a gasoline model. The diesel engine is still very fresh at 100,000 miles but age is the biggest factor on the rest of the vehicle. A ten year old truck, is still a ten year old truck, even though the engine may be good.

Also keep in mind, AGCO can service either vehicle for you.  Diesel of gasoline, AGCO, it's the place to go.

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