Monday, July 22, 2024 Why AGCO Maintenance
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

You need never bring a vehicle to a dealership for maintenance in order to preserve a new-vehicle warranty.  As long as required maintenance is preformed in a timely manner the terms of the warranty are met.

Why AGCO Maintenance

AGCO can perform all scheduled maintenance and stamp your maintenance book to validate your warranty.

Many people offer the same service, so why choose us?

I feel we are more effective than others because we START with the factory recommended service schedule. We follow it to the letter but also test other things and advise you of potential problems.

pH testing reveals corrosive coolant

For instance a manufacturer may recommend coolant replacement at 100K miles. The coolant in some vehicles does last that long, but we don’t take that chance. We would begin testing the pH and specific gravity at 30,000 miles. This is because in our experience when pH falls to 7.0, corrosion starts. It is much less expensive to replace coolant than radiators, heater cores and intake gaskets. We replace it based on pH and specific gravity, rather than just mileage.

The same can be said for brake fluid and transmission fluid and many other things. Our aim is Overall lowest cost, and we realize this comes from preventing, rather than repairing problems.

Our employees are salaried rather than paid commission or flat rate. This encourages our techs to spend the time they need to do services by the book. Many people do not realize than most dealerships pay technicians a flat-rate. That means if the service should take three hours to do properly, and the tech does it in one, they still get paid for three. We feel this encourages skipping steps, steps that could cost you later on.

Finally we bill all services by the actual time spent rather than a flat rate guide. You will never see a charge for $40.00 to change an air filter because "the book" says that's how much it cost. We all know that job can be done in 1 minute or less in most cases, and we bill accordingly.

If the minimum service possible is your goal, there are many shops that can help.

If overall lower cost of vehicle ownership is your goal, call AGCO, it’s the place to go.

For information on protecting your new vehicle's warranty, see our Detailed Topics Article, Service and Maintenance of New Vehicles.