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Oil, Gas or Lubricants

How to Change Your Motor Oil

Changing your own oil is not for everyone. Some folks simply do not enjoy physical work and this is not for them. For those of us that enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from work, I have included many details professionals use, to help do a great job.

How Often Should Oil Be Changed

A great deal is written when it is best to change oil and from many perspectives. Much of what is written appears to slant the facts about oil changes to fit their position and it is difficult to know what is best.

What Causes Fuel Pumps to Fail

Because of precise pressure requirements, modern vehicles normally use electric fuel pumps, located inside the fuel tank. These pumps are complex and can be difficult to access.  This often makes replacement very expensive. Fortunately, fuel pump failure is often preventable.

Valve Cover Gaskets

Modern automotive engines use an overhead valve design. Valves require lubrication which allows an opportunity for leakage. Valve cover gaskets help to keep the engine oil where it belongs and prevent leaks.

Transmission pan leaks

Scanning the internet for transmission pan leaks, we find many complaints. We also find many suggestions to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, a huge amount of wrong information is present. Most transmission pan leaks result from improper service.

How to Check Fuel Volume

A fuel pressure gauge is one of the most useful diagnostic tools we can own. With this simple tool, we read fuel pressure and fuel volume. This provides far more information than many people realize.

How To Check Fuel Pressure

Anyone serious about repairing an automobile soon realizes the importance of diagnosis. Testing allows us to eliminate possible causes, without changing parts. One of the first diagnostic tools we should add is a fuel pressure gauge. With this tool and a little knowledge, we can solve many fuel system problems.

Saving Money With Brand Name Gasoline

Saving money is a worthwhile goal, but buying no name gasoline, from a discount store, is not a good idea. Cheap gasoline saves nothing and may cost us far more than most folks realize.

Gasoline Problems in Baton Rouge Area

Gasoline is not one thing, as many people may think. Refiners blend several components to produce the fuel we use. Gasoline is a mixture of petroleum, naphtha, ethanol, detergents and several other components. Occasionally we may have compatibility issues, between the ingredients. The recent problems in the Baton Rouge area remind us that nothing is perfect.

How Do I Check Toyota Transmission Fluid

Try to check the automatic transmission fluid on a later model Toyota and they may surprise you. Toyota, like several other manufacturers, has eliminated the transmission dipstick on many of their models. Servicing and checking automatic transmission fluid level now takes much more time and must be far more precise.

Help With GM Oil Burning

It is no secret to many GM truck owners that oil consumption is a problem. "This is normal," is often the excuse. A technical service bulletin seems to suggest GM may be softening on their previous position and offering a bit of help with a few models.

Coolant in engine oil

Few things are more damaging to an engine than coolant mixing with the oil. Coolant can enter the oil by many avenues and is very hard to find, until it is too late.

Fuel Pressure Tests for Hard Start

Extended cranking time, or a hard start is a common problem with modern vehicles. Most times the problem is with the fuel system and often it is NOT the fuel pump. Learning how to test this problem can save an expensive mistake.

GM Engine Oil Leaks

Recent model General Motors engines have more than their share of oil leaks. The Generation III and IV V-8 engines are notorious for oil spots. A little known technical service bulletin sheds some light on one issue.

Do I Need High Octane Gas

People often buy vehicles that specify premium fuel only, and later would like to save by using a lower-grade fuel. The term octane is a very misunderstood, and a great deal of misinformation is around. Is it really necessary to use the high-octane fuel in a vehicle that specifies it?

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