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Frame and Unibody

Interior Water Leaks II

When water leaks into our vehicle, we need to find the source and stop it. Knowing where to look is helpful and this article provides several clues.

Hidden Collision Damage

An automobile accident is traumatic, but living with the vehicle after repair does not need to be. Understanding the things to check, before they deliver the vehicle, can head off many problems.

How Power Steering Works

Hydraulic power steering is very dependable, but complex in operation. When problems occur a basic understanding prevents many expensive mistakes.

Why Does A Vehicle Lean To One Side

A vehicle that leans to one side is unsightly. Leaning can also affect tire wear, handling and wear to the suspension. Diagnosing the cause of leaning is not difficult, but it requires a structured approach.

Ford Explorer and Sport Trac Frame/Body Cushions

The Ford Explorer and Sport Trac are popular vehicles. Many also have an annoying squeak or knock when turning or hitting bumps. Difficult to diagnose, one cause is common and can be expensive to correct.

Frame and Unibody Damage, Twist and Sway

The frame and unibody structure of a vehicle can be damaged in several ways. Almost all can be properly repaired, if it is properly diagnosed beforehand.

Frame Repair, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Automotive frame and unibody repair is a field that few people know a lot about. A sort of mysterious craft somewhere between science and art. Properly performed, a mangled vehicle frame is restored to pre-accident condition. The vehicle handles properly, does not wear tires and there is no signs it was ever damaged. Poorly performed, the list of symptoms is numerous and the results are quite disappointing.

Spotting Wrecked Vehicles

Having a professional check a used vehicle is always wise before we purchase. A reasonable fear is, "Is this a wrecked vehicle?" This is always a concern. A poorly repaired wrecked vehicle can have many hidden problems. Fortunately, spotting the telltale signs of poor repair work is easy.

Frame and Unibody Damage Types

When the average person thinks of frame or unibody repair they may consider it as a single distinct thing. In reality there are almost countless ways a frame or unibody can be bent. There are also countless variations and combinations of damage.

Frame and Unibody Damage

Learning they have damage to the frame or unibody of their vehicle comes as a surprise to most people. More often the vehicle owner feels they have persistent problems with the suspension and alignment. Until now, these were problems they could not get answers for.