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Finding the Cause of Automotive Vibration, Pt.1

Vibrations in a vehicle are more than just annoying; they can cause damage. Solving vibration problems is easier with a logical approach. A few simple tests will help find the source of most problems.

AGCO Summer Vacation

This year, as in years past, AGGO will close our for Summer shop vacation.

Why Close at Noon on Friday

Have you ever wondered why AGCO closes at noon on Friday?

Automotive Technician Careers

A career in automotive repair can be challenging and pay very handsomely. Folks near the top of their fields, normally find the work interesting as well as rewarding. As with any profession there are also many that do not do well. Like most things, the quality of a person’s life normally mirrors their commitment to excellence.

Removing Door Panels

When we have problems inside a door, we must remove the interior door panel. This may be no small task. Removal techniques are as plentiful as vehicles on the road. Service data for the vehicle is necessary for specific detail, but these guidelines may help us prevent damage.

Interior Water Leaks II

When water leaks into our vehicle, we need to find the source and stop it. Knowing where to look is helpful and this article provides several clues.

Interior Water Leaks I

Water leaks into vehicles in several ways. People also discover wet carpeting in their vehicles in many ways. Sometimes stepping on the passenger floor gives a squish. Other times we drop something and find a wet floor when we reach for it. Finding and correcting the source of the problem is imperative to prevent other issues.

Hoses and Clamps

A Ford owner recently towed their vehicle into our shop. An engine fire caused considerable damage. While repairing the damage, it was obvious the problem began with a failed hose, on an emissions sensor.

Car Covers

Many vehicle owners spend time and money maintaining their vehicle. They often overlook a car cover in the process, but we should not ignore their benefits.

Busting More Myths

Many persistent myths about vehicles continue to circulate. Some are harmless though without merit. Other falsehoods continue to cause harm even decades after they have disproved them.

Clean Yellow Headlamps

Modern vehicle styling uses exotic shaped headlamps to enhance appearance. Using glass to create these shapes is impractical, so they put a plastic in its place. This allows almost unlimited styles, but lacks the durability of glass, in resisting the elements. Dingy yellow headlamps often result after a few years.

Hidden Collision Damage

An automobile accident is traumatic, but living with the vehicle after repair does not need to be. Understanding the things to check, before they deliver the vehicle, can head off many problems.

US Military Jeeps

Perhaps no vehicle symbolizes the US military more than the Jeep. This little four-wheel drive offers versatile transportation, medical support and a tactical vehicle. The relationship between a GI and his Jeep is almost like love. This brief history of the military Jeep is in honor of this valiant little warrior.

Driving On Right or Left

The United States and almost three-quarters of all countries drive on the right side of the road. Theories abound on why some countries choose right and others left.

Orphan Cars

Many vehicle manufacturers have come and gone over the years. When a parent company dies, the vehicles left might be considered orphans. This is an interested glimpse into the orphanage.

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