Tuesday, July 23, 2024 Cost Savings Calculators
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

AGCO offers full service on Domestic and many Japanese vehicles.  Many people don't realize we also

  1. Engine repair
  2. Transmission repair
  3. Power window repair
  4. Much, much more
AGCO Savings Calculators

  These calculators are designed to help you save money and make wise decisions with regard to automotive cost

AGCO Automotive Cost Saving Calculators

Miles per gallon savings

A calculator to show the savings between two vehicles with varying fuel mileage and over time.  Several factors can be examined at the same time.

Vehicle cost calculator

Calculates vehicle payments, based on sales price, APR and term. Also factors in maintenance cost and depreciation over time. Compare a new and used vehicle.

Buy a car or keep yoursA calculator to compare total cost of buying a new vehicle compared to keeping your present vehicle.  Current value and age of present vehicle considered, along with fuel mileage and maintenance cost.

Liters to cubic inches

A handy calculator to convert engine displacement from liters into cubic inches.  Additionally, you may convert cubic inches into the equivalent liter displacement.
Tire speed calculatorCompare two p-metric tire sizes to see the effect on the speedometer reading.  Also gives circumference, width and height of the two tires, based on their size.